Horizon Forbidden West details many of its improvements: side missions, HUD, graphics and more


Players will find greater rewards outside of the main story and more orderly on-screen information.

2022 is presented as a year full of great games, although we will not have to wait long because February comes loaded with some of the most anticipated. Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Elden Ring and of course, Horizon: Forbidden West. In this last month, Game Informer has been contributing a lot of new information about the new title of Guerrilla Games and on this occasion, he has done so by detailing some of the improvements that we will find in this promising sequel compared to the original game.

The HUD will barely show any information on the screenThe narrative director of Guerrilla Games, Benjamin mccaw, has promised an improved graphic section that goes through cinematics with “full motion capture, best facial animations and a top-notch cast“, extended to the entire game, including the minor scenes. This more realistic and organic aspect would extend to the settlements, which will be inhabited by more characters, in which work has been done to improve their animations, all looking for a greater authenticity and so that we are encouraged to explore.

Horizon: Forbidden West

We will have ‘a sense of accomplishment’ when finishing a side missionAs we already mentioned, Horizon Forbidden West will also focus on building a new skill tree, in addition to presenting our information on screen in a more orderly way. The director of the game, Mathijs de Jonge, has confirmed that the game will start with a HUD minimalist, eliminating most of the information, although with a simple gesture on the touch panel we can access all the important information.

The side missions seek to be another of the strengths of the Guerrilla Games title, being more interesting and with greater rewards than in its first installment. “There is much more variety and a greater sense of accomplishment, you really feel like you get something great when you carry out these missions,” assured the director. Now we just have to wait for 18th of February to enjoy Aloy’s new adventure for PS4 and PS5, although this week we learned that fans of the franchise will continue to receive more games, this time for the new PlayStation VR2 with Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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