Horizon Forbidden West shows the beauty of its tribes in a new trailer: clans full of history


Guerrilla shows the culture and customs of the civilizations that populate the Forbidden West.

The launch of Horizon Forbidden West is near, and that is why Guerrilla is raising the public’s expectations with information about its protagonist, his deadly enemies and the world we will explore. As for Aloy, we’ve already been given some combat enhancements and an expanded skill tree, but a new trailer details a key aspect of the Forbidden West: their tribes.

Each tribe is governed by different principles and customsBecause the game of Guerrilla will not force us to constantly fight against machines, it will also invite us to discover customs Of all the clans that populate the Forbidden West. Some cultures that, although they inhabit the same space of land, are characterized by tendencies and ideals totally different that are perceived in the daily routine and even in the vision of the threat that lurks in their territory.

Horizon: Forbidden West

In this sense, it is very likely that Aloy will have to adapt her behavior according to the tribe she wants to approach, since the Forbidden West has civilizations that are governed by the tranquility, music and peace, and there are others that consider the battles and the killings as its main pillar. Also, it is rumored that there is a hidden clan which is even stronger than anything we’ve seen with Aloy …

From Guerrilla they have already warned that the improvements of Horizon Forbidden West would not only focus on the lethality of their machines, but would also be observed on the vitality of their world. Clans They are part of this novelty, so we can already imagine new situations and a constant learning of new customs. Of course, if you intend to travel the Forbidden West next 18th of FebruaryPlease reserve a good space on your PS4 and PS5 hard drive for Aloy and her adventures.

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