Hotel Staff In L.A. Don’t Want Taylor Swift To Be The Bad Guy


Hotel Staff In L.A. Don’t Want Taylor Swift To Be The Bad Guy:

Reports say that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour could be the “highest-grossing tour of all time,” making $1 billion from ticket sales, products, and donors. Swift has had a huge effect on the economy, especially in the hotel and restaurant business, where her fans have spent millions.

According to USA Today, the Philadelphia Federal Reserve stated that April was “the strongest month for hotel revenue within Philadelphia since the start of the pandemic.” A big reason for this was that people came to the city to see Taylor Swift shows.

Taylor Swift’s Concerts Helped The City To Set All Time New Record For Total Hotel Rooms Filled:

Tourism officials in Chicago said that Taylor Swift’s concerts helped the city “set its new all-time record for total hotel rooms filled!”

The same thing happens to hotels in Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Times says that the average price of a hotel room on the six nights Swift played is 16 percent higher than it was on the same nights last year.

Up To 20% More People Are Staying Within Hotel In LA Compared To Exact Same Night Last Year:

The newspaper says that up to 20% more people are staying in hotels within the L.A. area than they were on the exact same nights last year. But many people who work in hotels in L.A. aren’t happy about Swift’s help to the business.

In July, thousands of hotel workers went on strike for better pay and rights. They are now asking one of the biggest stars in the world to cancel or at least delay some of her six-night run in Los Angeles to show support for them.

Swift Has Not Stated Regarding The Calls To Delay The Tour:

Swift, on the other hand, hasn’t said anything about the calls to delay the tour stops, which started on August 3.

The 32,000 workers in Unite Here Local 11 think that if Taylor Swift backed them, management would have been willing to listen, so one of the strikes in Hollywood could end. Jose Herrera works at a hotel in the Los Angeles area. He is one of the Unite Here Local 11 workers who are on strike.

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Herrera Said That Most Of The Time We Work 2 Or 3 Distinct Jobs Within Single Shift For The Same Wage Rate:

Herrera told that one of the biggest reasons is that they don’t treat us with respect. “Sometimes, management gives too much work to their employees. Most of the time, you work two or three different jobs during a single shift for the exact same wage rate you were hired for.”

Herrera was recruited as a front-desk worker at $21 per hour. He says that he now has to take care of guests’ bags, show them to their rooms, as well as do management work.

Herrera Stated That Hotel Management Does Not Hire Enough People To Save  Money:

He said the hotel management doesn’t hire enough people because they think they can save money by making other people do more work. At the same time, workers are having a hard time making ends meet because their pay have stayed the same while their living costs have gone up.

“We can’t even live near where we work, so we have to drive at least thirty minutes each way to work,” Herrera said. He said that the union asked for a $5-per-hour pay raise, but management only offered 75 cents.

Swift Is Going To Perform 6 Sold Out Show At Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium:

Eleni Kounalakis, the Democratic Lt. Governor of California, and dozens of other elected leaders from all over the state signed on to a campaign put together by Unite Here Local 11 to increase pressure upon the famous musician. Swift will play six sold-out shows at Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium starting Thursday and ending on August 9.

“I stand alongside Unite Here within their struggle for a living wage,” she said in a written statement to POLITICO. “I also hope that we can use this time to draw attention to the dedicated men and women who keep our economy going.”

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Kounalakis And Other Stated That The Tour Makes A Lot Of Money Within The Area:

Within the open letter to Swift, Kounalakis as well as the others said that the tour makes a lot of money for hotels in the area, and that companies in the Los Angeles area “double and triple their prices because you are coming.”

At the identical time, the group wrote, many hotel housekeepers along with other workers in the area can’t afford to live close to their jobs, so some sleep in their cars as well as risk losing their houses.

The Hotel Workers Are Fighting For Fair Pay  To Live On:

“People who work in hotels are trying to stay alive. They battle for enough money to live on. They have stopped working. Now, they want you to help them,” they wrote. “Now Speak! Stand up for the hotel workers and cancel your shows.”

In the past few days, the union had submitted a similar request about its rolling strikes. Then, it started passing around a draft letter to get support from elected officials, which was seen as a sign of escalation because the shows start this week.

Herrera Said That If Swift Cancel Her Show It Will Help Us To What She Stands For Is Great:

Herrera is a Swift fan, and he thinks that if Swift canceled her shows, it would fit with what she wants to say: “What she stands for is great.

I love everything she stands for. She fights for what’s fair. I feel like we’re really fighting for respect, and I truly hope we’ll get what we deserve.” The Swiftie hopes that Swift will listen to what they have to say and stand up for them.

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Because, yes, she would lose a lot of money if she canceled a show, yet I know that’s not as important to her as standing up for us.

Recently Swift Give $100,000 Bonus To Truck Drivers:

Even though it seems impossible that Swift will cancel her upcoming Los Angeles shows, it wouldn’t be out of line for her to at least show support for those on strike, since she has shown favor for other workers on the tour. USA Today says that Swift gave the truck drivers on her Eras Tour a $100,000 bonus.

Workers from dozens of hotels are on strike because they want to make more money and get better benefits. Along with writers and artists, they have created something of a “hot labor summer.” The strikes have triggered trouble in the area, and many lawmakers have joined the workers in their protests.

Garay Shared The Statement For Fans Of Swift:

Garay told Swift’s fans, who were getting very excited about her first night in L.A., to stay hydrated, wear comfortable shoes, as well as don’t be scared to take a break as well as sit down or go to the bathroom.

Officials at the stadium told people that they shouldn’t come to the venue if they don’t have seats, even if they think they can just stand nearby and listen to the music or soak up the scene.

The stadium’s website says that once the show starts, no one will be allowed to stay within the parking lots or outside the stadium. Only people with tickets will be allowed into the venue.

After LA She Is Going To Mexico City Which Is Starting On August:

After her six-night stay within Los Angeles, she is going on tour around the world, starting on Aug. 24 alongside a show within Mexico City. She also announced new tour plans on Thursday, including coming back to the United States next year.