How a delicious cake unleashed the dream of “Caramelo”, the fan of the Mexican National Team with a presence in 10 World Cups

Originally from Chihuahua, Héctor Chávez became the emblem of the fans in the World Cups (Video: Infobae México / Miguel Angelino)

When the Mexican team stars in a meeting always stands out in the stands of the fans a charro hata Mexican flag with the legend “Chihuahua” and a World Cup imitation figure holding in his hand a colorful character who has gained fame and recognition nationally and worldwide.

Hector Chavezbetter known as Caramelbecame the number one fan of Tri. Regardless of the results, players or coaching staff that commands the Aztec team, Caramel follow the tricolor to all the games he plays; whether friendly or even a World Cuphe attends to encourage the Mexican team.

What started as a child’s dream turned into a dream. official badge by FIFA, the highest body in international football. In interview with Infobae Mexico, Caramel He told how the dream of being the emblem of Mexican fans around the world began.

Hector Chavez "Caramel" follows El Tri in the World Cups from Mexico 86 (Photo: Infobae/ Miguel Angelino)
Héctor Chávez “Caramelo” follows El Tri in the World Cups from Mexico 86 (Photo: Infobae / Miguel Angelino)

Since the eight years he had his first closeness with a soccer world cup. In the edition of Mexico 70His father attended the event. Since he was still a child, he followed the competition from his home and during a television broadcast the cameras caught Héctor’s father eating a cake, an image that remained etched in his memory.

“I was very struck by the fact that in one of the broadcasts they focused on him inside the stadium tasting a delicious cake that was seen on television, and I told myself Héctor Chávez has to be in a World Cup”

It was then that set out to be that fanatic who enjoys live football. His opportunity came in the edition of Mexico 1986 when he traded a graduation trip for a World Cup pass. His father offered to pay him his graduation trip for having completed their studies in Business Administration or a trip to the second World Cup edition hosted by the countryWithout hesitation, he chose the latter and that is how the trip began.

Héctor Chávez no longer travels alone since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa because his son joined the “Caramelo Team” (Video: Infobae / Miguel Angelino)

“My father told me, ‘son, you have two options: you have the study trip with your classmates or you come with me to the World Cup in Mexico 86’. I didn’t think twice about it three times, I said: ‘Dad, let’s go to the World Cup in Mexico 86, I’ve been dreaming about it since he was 8 years old’ “.

Since Mexico 86 no World Cup edition has been lost and has traveled to every corner of the planet in order to follow the Mexican National Team because he assured that the World Cup atmosphere leaves the feeling of wanting even more, he even went to Italy 90 despite the fact that Mexico did not participate due to the controversial theme of the cachirules. So he has attended nine World Cups and with Qatar 2022 there will be 10.

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Once he took on the mission of going to all worlds, Héctor Chávez was in charge of creating a character that would attract attention in the standsso he chose to resume a nickname that arose in his adolescence related to your mischief as a young man, in addition to combining it with characteristic elements of Mexican culture, such as the flag and the charro hat.

From South Africa 2010, Héctor Chávez took his son, Caramelo Jr., to the World Cup trips (Photo: Infobae / Miguel Angelino)
From South Africa 2010, Héctor Chávez took his son, Caramelo Jr., to the World Cup trips (Photo: Infobae / Miguel Angelino)

When Héctor Chávez attended high school, an event completely changed his identity because he assured that his relationship with his first “romances” in high school made him a “candy” among his “flirts”.

“I had gone from middle school to high school, at that time at the LaSalle institute it was all men and suddenly it became mixed and now yes, Héctor Chávez became a ‘candy’, that is where that nickname was born that has now made something famous.”

Another item that decided to wear was the flag of Mexico, because in addition to carrying the replica of the national lábaro, he was sheathed in it and made a serape-style dress. To carry the name of his home state everywhere she wrote “Chihuahua”, that was how Caramel He became a benchmark of the Mexican tribune.

Caramel He was in charge of erasing the image that all people believe of him: that they give him the tickets to travel to the World Cup. He explained that with his workedwhich even goes beyond the regular sessions, is how he gathers what he needs to go to a World Cup competition.

Caramelo told his secrets to travel to a World Cup, from the expenses to the businesses he has to pay for his trips following El Tri (Video: Infobae / Miguel Angelino)

But before thinking about the economic, your first step is the familiar; talks to his wife and son and once his partner gives him permission, he undertakes all the preparation to go to the World Cup. It should be noted that from South Africa 2010 Caramel Junior accompanies him on the trip.

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Once Caramel graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 1986, approached the family business of jewelry and invested in his first company; he founded the Jewelry Ziroswhich at the same time gave way to more name jewelers Sapphire, The jewel and Jewelry Ocampo.

But as time passed, he closed each of the jewelry businesses to start in the real estate and from there hold your hobby to cheer on the National Team. Outside the football stadiums, Caramel is dedicated to the real estate industry of commercial premises and industrial buildings in your company Developer of specialized shopping centers SA. CVfor this reason he has had to carry out negotiations outside normal hours and even even work on Sundays.

Caramelo will be the official fan who will represent Mexico in Qatar 2022 (Photo: SRE)
Caramelo will be the official fan who will represent Mexico in Qatar 2022 (Photo: SRE)

However the Home Office and the virtual space made his work easier so he could be at all the games and go to the more than 450 matches of the Mexican National Team. Although he did not know how much he invests to support the Triexplained that everyone knows what their economic limitations are, in their case even he has come to sleep in churches and public parks in order to have a place in the gallery.

“Anyone who wants to go to a World Cup has to start saving by finishing the World Cup, it’s four years of saving to start thinking about the next one. Talk about a specific amount, there is not, you can indulge yourself according to your possibilities and according to your pocket”

His most recent acquisition to support Mexico was the new jersey that will wear the Tri and Qatar 2022. Caramel he traveled from Chihuahua to Mexico City to witness the presentation ceremony and be the first fan to acquire it. He told this medium that he spent thousand 950 pesosbut when the shirt was sent to letterhead it ended paying two thousand 250 pesos.

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With Qatar 2022 it will be his tenth World Cup; Despite the doubts generated by the team of Gerardo Tata Martino, Caramel will be there supporting the national teams that will seek the fifth game.


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