How free trials and demos attract new consumers


How free trials and demos attract new consumers

Most people will be familiar with the phrase ‘there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’, particularly with regards to the purchase of goods and services.

In simple terms, it is used to describe the notion that you cannot expect to get things for nothing, since most things worth having must be worked for or paid for.

The theory behind the phrase is best proven by the freemium business model, which gives things away for free with a major caveat afterwards.

The strategy is used by businesses to entice users into spending money if they are sufficiently impressed by the goods or services they have received for free.

Read on as we take a closer look at how organisations use the freemium pricing strategy to attract new consumers. 

Online casinos

The online casino industry is a superb example of a sector that uses free trials and demos as a way to entice new customers to their websites.

The top operators offer no deposit casino bonus deals and other promotions to entice people into signing up for a new account and testing the games. 

These types of offers generally allow users to play selected casinos games for free and are a great way for players to become accustomed to the site.

Casino operators use this strategy in the hope that you will enjoy playing the games enough to make a real money deposit in the future.

Some sites even allow you to convert your winnings from trials and demos into cash – a tactic that may cajole someone into continuing to play when the free trial ends.

Social gaming apps

Clever use of the free trials and demos has helped social gaming become the go-to entertainment activity for millions of people around the world. 

Social gaming apps give players free virtual currency at the start of a game, which they can use to make progress up to a certain point.

Games such as Candy Crush expertly mastered the concept of enticing people to play for free before cajoling them into making in-app purchases.

The developers tapped into the human desire to be competitive – a factor that played a crucial role in the game’s success.

Linking up with Facebook was crucial in helping Candy Crush become a global phenomenon that became a focal point for battles between family or friends.

Entertainment services

Many companies in the entertainment sector offer free trials of their services with a view to enticing people into taking out a subscription further down the line.

For example, Sky Group Ltd sometimes make their sports or movie channels free-to-air in the hope of luring people into subscribing.

Spotify is another major brand that uses the freemium pricing strategy to attract new users to its music streaming service.

The firm regularly offers one month of ad-free listening with a view to luring consumers into taking out a premium subscription at the end of the trial.

YouTube and Amazon Music are other noteworthy platforms that use free trials to tempt people into signing up for paid-for services.

Accountancy software

Accountancy service providers have expertly used the freemium model to grow their businesses – Image via Pexels

Online accountancy software packages such as QuickBooks and Xero often use free trials or heavily discounted subscriptions to attract new customers.

FreshBooks is another service which has cleverly used the freemium pricing strategy to great effect in recent years.

The firm initially chose not to compete with other firms in the sector, but focused on converting the people who used tools such as Excel and Word into using their package for free.

From there, FreshBooks hoped that freelancers and small businesses loved the service so much that they would pay for additional features.

The tactic worked, with FreshBooks now widely recognised as one of the leading accountancy software suppliers in the business.

Social & website audits

Digital marketing agencies are renowned for using the freemium pricing strategy to lure people into signing up for their services.

This often takes the form of conducting audits into elements such as social media, website content, search engine optimisation, Google Analytics and more.

By analysing the potential client’s digital output, the agency can make recommendations for improvements across all platforms.

This type of free trial provides the client with valuable information they can use to better inform their future marketing activities. 

The agency benefits by demonstrating their ability to resolve issues with a view to the client using them for additional chargeable services in the future.

Free trials and demos – The final word

While giving away something for free might seem like a dodgy business strategy, it has repeatedly been proven to deliver results across different industries.

Getting the balance right between offering a trial or demo and luring people into paying for something is crucial if the tactic is to be successful.

As highlighted by the online casino sector, the freemium model has the potential to generate massive revenues if done correctly.

The industry already generates more than $65 billion globally per annum and is forecast to keep growing at double digit percentages over the next few years.

The figures perfectly demonstrate why free trials and demos are one of the best ways to grow a business, regardless of its size.


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