How Indian soldiers are stronger than Chinese soldiers, LAC’s status improved in this way

new Delhi: Apart from Finger-4 in East Ladakh, the Indian Army has strengthened its position around Pangong Tso Lake by controlling the height of black top, helmet and Rekin La area. Indian troops are currently in a position of advantage over their opponents by strategically establishing their reach on high altitude areas. The Chinese will now find themselves struggling to observe the Chushul-Demchok route. If we talk about war on the mountain, in this case also Indian soldiers are better trained than China. Also Read – American magazine claims – More than 60 Chinese soldiers were killed in Galvan valley

If the biggest difference is seen between the armies of the two countries, then Indian soldiers are full of patriotism. The spirit of serving the country by joining the army of the youth of India can be easily seen. On the other hand, the people of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) lack patriotism or strong courage. He only enters the army as a compulsory recruiter. This is the reason why mentally Indian soldiers are far more strong and confident to protect their motherland. Also Read – Discussion in Lok Sabha on opposition demand, deadlock on LAC and economic situation

Sources say a senior Chinese official refused to retaliate and regain it on August 30, after the southern and northern shores of Pangong Lake were captured by the Indian Army. The fear of facing Indian soldiers has kept the Chinese army awake at night. George Bernard Shaw, in his play ‘Arms and the Man’, wrote about soldiers who join the army for mere pay and perks and are afraid to face bullets. He has called such soldiers recruited in the army as ‘chocolate soldiers’. The Chinese soldiers clearly seem to match Shaw’s theory. They will certainly melt in the heat of a fight. The PLA generals also know the reality. China has not only disturbed the trust of India by signing agreements on non-use of arms on the border in 1993 and 1996, but has also tried to fool it. Also Read – China builds military base near Finger-5 of Pangong Lake, Indian Army movement stops ahead of Finger-4

Most Indian soldiers are adept at facing difficulties from their birth. They usually come from rural backgrounds and then trained hard after joining the defense forces. Along with working hard, they also follow better discipline. Indian soldiers specialize in the art of mountains, deserts, forests and guerrilla warfare. They have the courage and confidence to go through any kind of situation and they are ready to face the enemy in time of war. In contrast, Chinese soldiers come from comparatively economically affluent and urban families who have lived a comfortable and luxurious life before being admitted to the PLA. Such men are not fit to fight wars and break up or retreat under dangerous conditions.

Apart from this, the current generation of youth admitted to the PLA comes from the era of single child norm. In general, if there is only one child in the family, then there is also the possibility of getting highly pampered, which deprives him of a strong and tough nature. Joining the PLA is their compulsion, it can be said that the soldiers themselves are reluctant to serve the country, who are merely spending their time as a job. He is counting his days when he will leave the Chinese armed forces. They wait that their tenure of four to five years be completed, so that they get permission to go home.

Just thinking about dying in a remote place away from his family makes him sweat. In this way how can they match the Indian soldiers whose patriotic blood flows in their veins and who are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the country and their regiment / battalion.

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