How much do esports players make?


How much do esports players make?

Cybersport is a relatively young sport, the date of birth of which is considered to be 1997. This year, the first professional eSports league in Quake, the Cyberathlete Professional League, was launched.

Cybersport is a competition of players in the virtual space. Simulators and computer games of various genres are created for such competitions.

The income of a professional gamer of counter strike global offensive, league of legends or other esports teams and football games from the esports industry consists of participation in various tournaments on the streaming platforms for professional athletes. The strongest and most famous teams come to major competitions, and weaker players participate in less well-known championships. In this review, we will take a closer look at the issue of earning players in esports – we will see how much money gamers earn from different games on the esports scene. More information you may find on the website.

How to become a professional esports player?

To become a pro in esports, you need to play esports a lot and know some tips to help beginner players.

  • Good technique. In order to play successfully, you need a powerful computer, a good monitor, a keyboard, a comfortable mouse, headphones, and other equipment that can be useful during the game. Not only attention and concentration of the player depend on this, but also the effectiveness of his game.
  • Training and game analysis. All professional esports players always analyze their games after they finish. It is very important to sort out mistakes and set tasks for the future. In addition, it is important to exercise regularly. It is not necessary to play every day, but it is necessary to have a schedule of games and practice several times a week.
  • Studying the games of other athletes. To improve the level of your game, you need to analyze not only your games but also the games of other athletes, especially those who have already achieved success in eSports (maybe a famous streamer, or best players, popular gamers, top esports players, and famous salaried players). It is important to understand what and how they do, how they interact with the team, what strategies and techniques they use in the game.
  • Monitor your health. Computer hobbies are associated with a sedentary lifestyle, so it is important to actively play sports in order to minimize the risk of illness from a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Be in the cyber get-together. It is important to always know the latest news from the eSports industry about teams, highest earners, tournaments, gaming hotbeds, esports earnings, professional gamers, career path, exchange opinions with other players, and find out the latest information.

Esports tournaments

Esports has one big difference from other team sports – here 80-90% of the prize money in tournaments is received by players, not clubs. Most often, the winnings are divided proportionally between the team members, sometimes the captain gets a little more. In addition, a small percentage of the prize money is paid to the trainer and analyst (up to 5% to each).


Each game has its own business model to motivate players. For example, in Dota 2, one big event takes center stage: teams gain points throughout the season to get to The International with a prize pool of more than $ 34 million. The winner receives 45.5% of this amount, that is, each of the five players on the winning team can earn about $ 3 million. CS: GO has a different scheme – there are regular tournaments that have about $ 1 million in prize money, sometimes a little more.

Esports salaries

The maximum gaming world salary that eSports players can receive as tournament winnings per month is $ 35,000 – it is a huge amount for esports. This amount can only be received by those gamers who are superstars in esports, who are not so much in the world. Top-tier esports players usually earn from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 per month, and esports professionals who are beginners – about $ 2,000 – $ 5,000 per month. In young companies, salaries are lower – about $ 500-1000.

Each game has its own publisher – an organization that has a status like FIFA in football. And each such organization has its own business approach. For example, Valve (Dota 2 and CS: GO) does not regulate the salary system in any way: that is, tournament organizers negotiate directly with teams and esports athletes about the esports earnings and tournament prize money.

And the economies of popular games and game developers such as Rainbow Six (publisher – UB Soft) and League of Legends (Riot Games) are structured differently: they have strict regulations about esports competitions, esports payouts, and sponsorship money, and all negotiations are conducted through the publisher. The publisher communicates with professional players about sponsorship cash, overall winnings, retirement plans, esports earnings and specifies the amount and terms of the contract.


Over the past few years, global esports has attracted more and more investment and still attracts investment more and more every year. For example, in 2018, esports attracted $ 4.5 billion in investments, 56% of which came from venture capital funds. Investors are sponsoring video games because the video game industry is growing every year. According to the Global Esports Market Report, in 2019 the audience of the world esports reached 454 million people, while the turnover amounted to $ 950.6 million (+ 10% per year).

Every year there are more and more brands in the world that are interested in esports – therefore they become sponsors and participate in joint promotions. For example, Nike has become the exclusive outfitter for the Chinese League of Legends. The company signed a contract for 4 years, which was estimated at tens of millions of dollars. And fashion brand Louis Vuitton launched a collaboration with game publisher Riot Games and released a case for the League of Legends World Cup trophy.

Today, the eSports audience has already surpassed the half-billion mark and is constantly growing, so this is a profitable area for investment.


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