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How much money Lionel Messi generates for Barcelona: the figures that contradict his salary

Lionel Messi can negotiate his future with any other team because his contract with Barcelona expires in June 2021 (Reuters)
Lionel Messi can negotiate his future with any other team because his contract with Barcelona expires in June 2021 (Reuters)

Since the Spanish newspaper The world, based in Madrid, exclusively published the alleged contract he signed Lionel Messi in 2017 with the Barcelona, the soccer planet came to a standstill. According to the front page of the newspaper, the Rosario star has “a pharaonic salary that ruins the Barça”, And the gaze is fixed on the delicate finances as a result of the internal mismanagement that led to two clear situations: the resignation of an entire board of directors of the club and the financial complications that intensified due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

However, specialists indicate that the best player in the world “is a huge generator of income for the Blaugrana, for the Catalan city and for La Liga ”. A report prepared by Digital Freedom exposes the gaze of various specialists who delve into the numbers that circulate under the Argentine figure. “Messi is the fundamental part of the atypical income of the Barça. In an analysis of how much money it generates for the club, the figure is between 250 and 300 million euros per year. Thus, If your gross salary is 140, at least Barcelona has a profit of 100 million”, Explained Marc Ciria, financier and founding partner of Diagonal Inversiones.

The sponsors now renew year after year in case Messi leaves Barça. This does not mean that if Messi is the club, it will lose sponsors, but that it is very likely that they will renew downwards, ”argued the analyst.

In the same tune, Ajram Belt, Former head of sponsorship activation of the Catalan entity, explained that “it is a reality that the coronavirus is greatly reducing the amount of money from sponsorships, but the agreement for 30 million plus variables (that Rakuten signed with him Barcelona for one more year, until 2022) responds to the uncertainty regarding Messi’s future ”. “When you sell the Barcelona brand around the world, you put on the face of Messi. Under these conditions, no brand would dare to renew for three or four more years because it is unknown what the value of the club will be without this player ”, the specialist explained.

It should be noted that current links with brands such as Nike, Rakuten Y Backhoe they represent a third of the income of the Spanish institution; and only the company of the Pipe signed an agreement until 2026, since the other two have an expiration date in 2022 and in June 2021, respectively.

Barcelona deny that they have leaked Messi's contract and will sue 'El Mundo' (EFE)
Barcelona deny that they have leaked Messi’s contract and will sue ‘El Mundo’ (EFE)

When negotiating with a sponsor in 90% of the PowerPoint slides that the club shows to its potential advertisers, the image of Messi appears”, Revealed Marc Ciria; without omitting any detail that is also related to the sporty aspect: “In the tours of the last five years, 50% of the income depended on the presence of Messi in the parties. Also, from the spectators who go to the field, 40% are national and international tourists, who contribute a lot of money to the club, and they come to see Messi’s Barça”.

If the box office is taken into account, the Spanish entity receives per year (prior to the pandemic) about 95 million euros, of which 20 correspond to fans who pay to observe the Rosario legend. Probably, many of his followers are those who acquire his shirt with the traditional number 10 that represents an income of 20 million annually for that outfit.

Consequently, the analyst remarked that “90% of the tourism that comes to Barcelona to see the Barça he buys Messi’s shirt”, A fact that implies an additional income in merchandising.

To what has been said is added the look of Nicole Kalemba, doctor in economics and business and professor at the UPF Barcelona School of Management specialized in sports tourism: “It is clear that many tourists come to Barcelona with the main purpose of being able to see a Barça game and, specifically, to see Messi play , one of the best athletes of all time ”. So when Leo sent the burofax informing his wishes to emigrate from Culé, the fear of an economic loss also alerted the leadership of the moment: “His departure in summer would have had a serious impact on Barcelona as a tourist destination and many other business areas would have been affected. He is one of its main ambassadors and people from other parts of the world link these tourist brands with Messi ”.

In relation to what a departure from Rosario to another competition could represent, the vice president of the sports marketing agency Octagon in Spain and academic director of the Sports Management School, Francesc Cruces, warned that “his departure would affect the negotiation of television rights”. “In some international markets where football is less mature than in Europe, the fans are equal or more loyal to the big stars than to the teams and that means that a player like Messi is undoubtedly going to move audiences towards club competition. to sign him ”, he clarified.

The numbers seem exorbitant, but as in any aspect of capitalism, you should not analyze the cold salary of the best player in the world and ignore what the protagonist generates for the club. The forward’s contract ends on June 30 and from January 1 the player has the freedom to negotiate with another team. In addition to talent, the star emerged from Rosario is also a guarantee of financial gains. So far his fate is uncertain, but he has plenty of offers.


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