How one can exchange characters in Stories of Rise up


In Stories of Rise up we will be able to repeatedly face a lot of enemies and having the staff up and operating is essential. Alternatively, on this identify we can not use all of the opponents on the identical time, however we need to make strategic adjustments.

Within the following information we will be able to inform you all of the main points to be transparent the exchange of personality and the several types of opponents at the staff to understand when to modify.

Kinds of characters in Stories of Rise up


fight taste


weapon ability


Frame to frame


Flamingo thread


Ranged firearms


Burst shooter


Astral arts and bodily harm


Indirectly playable


Frame to frame

Hammer and defend

Indirectly playable


Ranged fight and astral arts

Magic E-book

Magic rate


Frame to frame



How one can exchange characters in Stories of Rise up

There are two techniques to exchange personality: all over or outdoor fight. To switch the main personality we will be able to must input the menu and hit ” F ” if we play with the keyboard or L1 / R1 or LB / RB and we will be able to see how the flag will transfer to the most important personality. This defines the nature that we will be able to use whilst exploring the map.

Tales Of Arise change character

If we need to exchange personality all over fight we need to pause time. This serves to modify the target, but additionally a fighter. To switch warrior we need to press ALT + CRT and make a selection the quantity assigned to the nature at the keyboard. If we play with a controller then we will be able to press the contact panel or the “View” button and hit R1 or L1 / RB or LB.

But even so this, we will be able to additionally make a selection what 4 characters They’re going to move by way of default within the staff at first when we’ve sufficient, since till then they’re assigned mechanically. We will be able to additionally in finding characters that input and go away the squad relying at the plot.

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