How Technology is Changing the way Software Studios Work


How Technology is Changing the way Software Studios Work

Whether you’re looking at computer games, online casinos or even online banking there is no denying that technology has changed how all of this works. Software developers across all industries have had to work hard to keep up with this ever-changing technology to ensure that their offerings keep up with customer demand. The iGaming industry is certainly no exception this, where customers have started to demand more from their online gaming platforms and as a result software developers have had to work harder than ever.

What Gaming Software Needs To Offer

Within the computer game industry, we have seen some big changes in what gamers want from their customer games. We’ve also seen that gaming fans in general are not afraid to keep up a fuss on social media or gaming forums if there is something that they don’t like. This makes it really important for computer game software developers to get it right. We’re seeing an increase in things like microtransactions and loot boxes within different computer games, which as you might imagine is receiving mixed opinions. This makes it important that software developers pay attention to feedback and also offer more within games to make sure everyone is as happy as possible.

The iGaming industry is also one that relies heavily on customer feedback; after all, it is important that people feel happy and confident to spend their money at an online casino. What we have seen in the last year is changes in casino and betting regulation across various parts of the US and Canada, which means that software developers have needed to tweak sites to make sure that they comply.

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Changes in Regulation

The betting industry is one that is used to ever-changing regulations and the need to offer things differently and online betting platforms are no exception. For example, when rules changed in the UK which meant that you had to be over the age of 18 to play The National Lottery, software developers would have needed to work hard in the background to ensure that every part of their website complied to this in time for the changes in come in effect. The change in regulations allowing online betting operators, casinos and slot sites to operate throughout the US and Canada meant that websites needed to be updated, developed and even created to keep up with this news.

Any change in betting regulation is going to result in websites, apps and online betting platforms being changed in similar ways.  Betting opportunities have opened up in the US and Canada over recent months so it would be easy to assume that software development companies in this part of the world have been able to expand what they’re doing and make some money from this change in rules, but actually, that isn’t the case for everyone at all.

The Expansion of Remote Working

One thing that has affected most industries across the globe is the expansion of remote working and working from home. Although this has been something that some companies offered, in the last 2 years we have seen this expand massively. This was largely bought about by the fact that Covid-19 restrictions meant that many people were forced to work from home and therefore companies were forced to facilitate this as best they could. Although things are returning to normal both employers and employees have seen the benefits of working from home in many cases and therefore it is something that many have opted to continue.

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Not only is working from home proving to be popular across many industries, but remote working has meant that opportunities have opened up for people in many different ways. For example, software companies no longer need to worry about recruiting someone that is local – instead, they can hire remote workers to do jobs for them. The flip side of this is that those skilled in software development can look for work anywhere in the world & they can still do this from the comfort of their own home.

Is There Space for New Studios in North America?

Of course, this expansion of remote working means that those businesses looking to work with software development companies have a wider pool to choose from too! For example, you might assume that the allowing of betting in North America has opened things up to North American software companies, but actually many are opting to work with established studios in the EU. There are several reasons for this, but the fact that EU studios are experienced in developing iGaming software will certainly have been a string to their bow.

This doesn’t mean that there is space for new software developers and studios in North America, but it does mean that any companies opening up need to make sure that they are at the top of their game. This means not just approaching local companies, but resembling that they can work with companies anywhere in the world. Of course, with any industry like this, there are going to be big players and they can be hard to compete against, but the trick is not to even try! Just as a new software development company will be small, there will be plenty of small businesses that need help with developing software but assume that they don’t have the budget to bring in the professionals. 

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Starting with these companies allows software developers to build an impressive portfolio, keep their skills up to date and relevant and of course, bring in revenue. As this grows so can the business and before you know it, you could be competing against the big boys within the industry. In any competitive industry like this, it is about carving out your own place in the market, working on where you fit in and then working on expansion and allowing your company to grow – software development, even in places like North America and Canada are no exception, especially where the iGaming industry is concerned.