How The Mandalorian Season 3 will explore the “fallout” of Mando’s big decision


Warning: spoilers for The Mandalorian below.

The Mandalorian director Rick Famuyiwa has confirmed that the third season will explore the “impact of the great decision of Din Djarin of this last season.

Speaking to IGN, Famuyiwa, who directed multiple episodes of The Mandalorian, spoke of how the third season will focus on Mando’s decision from removing his helmet during his quest to rescue Grogu from the clutches of Moff Gideon and the Empire.

It is clear that the decisions we make have repercussions“, said Famuyiwa.”He made a decision for Grogu that will continue to reverberate. So some of that will be explored throughout the season. But a father would do anything for his son. A father at that time really wanted to do what was best for his son, and now he has to live with the consequences..”

Din Djarin made the decision to remove his helmet when he and Migs Mayfield were infiltrating a secret Imperial mining center on Morak. Though this was in an effort to keep a cover on him and save Grogu, removing his helmet, regardless of the cause, broke one of the biggest rules of membership in his particular Mandalorian order.

As shown in the third season trailer and revealed in The Boba Fett Book, Djarin will have to travel to Mandalore to search for the secret underground pools that can cleanse him of shame in the eyes of the Armorer and his Mandalorian order. Now, no one knows if he’s actually going to clean up or if he’s going to forge his own path, but one of the main plot lines of this upcoming season will be dealing with that choice of the second season, in a way or other.

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