How to bet online if you live in South Africa?


How to bet online if you live in South Africa?

Since the iGaming industry is growing in popularity in Europe and Asia, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Africa is also one of the places where more and more people decided to give this hobby a try. Unlike Europe, where most gambling websites are available in several countries, some African nations have very strict gambling laws. As a result, each country has specific rules that iGaming sites have to abide by, regardless of where they want to operate.

One of the countries whose residents are interested in gambling is South Africa. Even though the market is not as big as in some other African states, many websites started paying a lot more attention to it. Hence, bettors from SA have the option to avail themselves of different operators.

Before you decide which brand you want to put to the test, you should be aware of several specific things about betting in South Africa.

Gambling was not always allowed in the country (and online betting still isn’t in some places)

Following the Gambling Act of 1996, South Africa is one of the few places in the world that legalized all forms of gambling. Needless to say, this had a massive effect on the residents because they finally had the option to bet on sports and play casino games. Nowadays, betting in South Africa is possible from these sportsbooks covered by EB, but this wasn’t always the case because there weren’t that many websites to choose from. Fortunately, people had the option to use different kinds of land-based casinos and betting shops.

The first information about gambling in South Africa dates from 1673. During that time, the Dutch governor that was located in Cape Town decided that all forms of gambling should be banned. This rule was active for several years, but in the end, the ruling elite decided to make it more liberal, which is why they allowed people to bet on horse races. This explains why horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the country even today. Every top gambling website with a racebook that allows clients to bet on horses includes tracks from South Africa.

Even though betting is more popular now than it ever was, the country has strict rules regarding online gambling. In some places, you can’t participate in any form of online betting, mainly due to the North Gauteng High Court ruling. Sadly, this blocked most people’s access to different betting sites, including the big international brands.

After you pick one of the betting websites available in the country, compare the odds to the ones provided by the international operators

Due to the severe gambling laws and the penalties associated with them, some gamblers do not have the luxury to bet online. However, those who do might access companies that reside in South Africa or have a license there. That’s why some punters choose between the sportsbooks covered by Efirbet because the vast majority of them can be accessed by South African bettors.

Even though most operators are pretty similar, you may find big differences when it comes down to the odds. Some companies use a different methodology to determine their odds value, which often leads to significant differences. You probably won’t notice this if you punt on horse races or football (these two things are often the preferred option from SA punters), but some sites may offer way better odds for things, such as eSports.

Now that you’ve found a legit bookie that won’t get you in trouble, make a deposit, check the bonuses, and place a bet

Thanks to some of the leading European sportsbook providers, South African punters can sign up, get a bonus, and place a bet in a matter of minutes. Most of these operators offer generous welcome offers and several other rewards. Welcoming promotions often include bonus funds, free bets, and even cashback.

After you sign up and decide which reward to use, check the sportsbook and pick the option you like the most. It should be noted that South Africa is a diverse country where people like to watch all sorts of things. Yet, the popular sports are football, rugby, and horse races. So, don’t be surprised when you see that almost every gambling website available in SA offers multiple markets for those things.


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