How to build and use portals in Valheim to teleport


There is a possibility to teleport in this massive game, saving a lot of time on unnecessary travel. In addition, it is a fundamental tool for transporting loads and resources. We teach you how to build and use portals in Valheim so that you can use these functions.

How to build portals in Valheim

In order to build portals in Valheim we will need the following resources:

  • 10 gray dwarf eyes (Greydwarf eye)
  • 20 madera fina (Fine wood)
  • 2 surtling core

Keep in mind that if you want to use the teleportation functions you will need two portals, not just one, so in reality it will take twice the resources marked.

In order to craft the portal in Valheim you will need a workbenchas it will have to be built in close range.

For get the gray dwarf eyes (greydwarf eye) in Valheim We recommend that you kill the different types of dwarves that are scattered around the world, it does not have much complication. You can get fine wood with a bronze ax chopping birch or oak.

Surtling Core in Valheim You can find them commonly in Burial Chambers found in the Black Forest biome. These underground dungeons are often difficult, so make sure you have decent gear and supplies.

Once you have the necessary resources, equip your Hammer and open the creation menu. You will find the option to craft portals in Valheim under the miscellaneous tab.

Select the portal and place it on the ground while maintaining range with the artboard. You will receive a message from the crow telling you that you will need to build a second portal in order to use them.

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Once you’ve found a useful location for the second portal, set up a workbench and build it in the same way as the second. So you will have your portals built and ready to use in Valheim.

How to connect and use the portals in Valheim

Now we come to the next step. With the two built, How do we connect and use the portals in Valheim? If they are the first two that you have created, they will be linked automatically. Simply walk towards the portal and you will see that it begins to light up and if you cross you will appear right in the position of the other.

Please note that some very heavy items will not be able to be teleported through the portal. This includes resources such as iron, copper, bronze … They will be indicated by a small red cross in the upper right corner of the inventory menu. If you try to cross the portal with them, a message will appear indicating that some objects prevent you from teleporting.

If you are going to use multiple portals in Valheim you will have to understand the linking system of all of them. By default, the two portals you build will be joined.

The next portals you build will have to have a name. To change the name of the label, simply walk to them and press the E key. Then, type in the name you want. The portal you want to have connected must have the same name. That is, if you want a portal to teleport to a specific one, both must have the same name.

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We hope we have been of help in the construction and use of portals in Valheim. Take advantage of it!

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