How to change the colors of the Windows 10 and 11 console and PowerShell


Windows has a series of powerful tools that facilitate many of the tasks through the execution of commands. We talk about both Command Prompt and PowerShell. CMD has been around since the existence of this operating system, while PowerShell was conceived since the release of Windows XP. The vast majority of us have already become accustomed to the color palette that these programs present, however, it’s been possible to change them for a while.

In this article we show you how to modify the background and text color of Command Prompt and PowerShella way to refresh our experience with these tools, especially if we spend time with them.

How to change the color palette of CMD and PowerShell

Changing the colors of both tools is very easy in Windows 10 and 11and if we are already bored with the black and white color of CMD, or the combination of blue and white of PowerShell, all the more reason to proceed.


To change the color palette of both the background and the font of the Command Prompt, we just have to open the tool and right-click on the top bar of the application. Once this is done, we go to ‘Properties’. In the configuration panel, we go to the tab of ‘Colors’being here where we can customize the visual aspect of the tool to our liking.

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In addition to the colors we can also modify the font sizeand even the typography, in case we want to have a different type of font.

As for PowerShell, while it’s already somewhat less gloomy by default with its blue and white color scheme, should we want to switch, we can too. The procedure is identical to CMDsince both tools share functionalities.


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