How to check if you have forgotten fines at the DGT: free of charge and without a digital certificate


Fines are always stalking any driver. The fact of not parking correctly, exceeding the speed a little or making an improper turn can finally be a reason for a sanction. That is why you always have to be attentive to the different ways of receiving themsince if you do not have the registration in the electronic mailbox of the DGT, you will have to choose to consult the publication board where all the sanctions appear.

On the DGT website you can find the DGT electronic bulletin board where the sanctions imposed are published in the event that it could not be notified due to an absence or change of address. In this way, it can be really comfortable having to consult this panel whenever you have doubts about whether you have been sanctioned or not. This is a panel that any citizen can access without having a digital certificate.

It must be taken into account that all the fines that appear on this board, together with the BOE, will be considered as notified after 20 days of publication. That is, even if you do not have a letter that informs you, the publication on this page will have the same legal effect.


Access the DGT sanctions board

This board stands out precisely because anyone will be able to access it without a digital certificate, and it is also free. In order to gain access, the first thing you must do is enter the Electronic Headquarters of the DGT. Several tabs will appear at the top and they will have to place you on Finesand then in the drop-down menu click on Consultation of the Edictal Board of Sanctions.


A page will automatically open with all the information regarding the procedure. It is important to read it completely, especially the section of questions that can be presented to any citizen. But what is really important in the end lies in the beginning of this page where you must click on without certificate.


At the moment the edictal board will open as such, with a search engine at the top. This is where you will have to enter the data about the reported person. It admits several points such as the DNI of the owner of the vehicle, the frame or also the license plate.

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If you do the search and it does not give you any results, we recommend that you change the format of these values. But if it still doesn’t come up, you’re in luck because you will not have any pending fine to be notified. But in the event that if you have something on the notice board, a record will appear with the name of the body that has issued the notification, and you will simply have to click on it.


How to check how many points you have left on your driving license (and other online procedures related to it)

In this case, a file of the announcement made by the DGT before the TESTRA will be opened. But the really important thing here to consult the sanctions is to scroll to the upper left corner, either in the magnifying glass to search for your DNI or license plate or in the file in PDF format. In the latter, a table will appear from the second page with all the information on the sanctions, and you will simply have to look for your DNI.


In this table will be the many data that may interest you. Specifically, in addition to the license plate, you can see the amount of the penaltythe article for which this is applied and also if an amount of points is withdrawn.

Pdf Announcements

Obviously this is merely informative. In the case of appearing in one of these ads, but not having the physical notification, you will have to go to the DGT itself with the file number. In this way you will have all the information to present allegations and also to pay it.

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