How to complete Genshin Impact’s “Potions Studio” game mode


A new event is available in Genshin Impact that allows us to obtain great rewards if we complete it. This time we will have to help Timaeus with his potions, therefore, in the following guide we will tell you all the details on how to complete “Potions Study” In a simple way.

With version 2.4 just arrived, miHoYo is activating several interesting events that allow to obtain new costumes for Ninguang or participate in Xiao’s artwork contest, so it is interesting to be aware of the news to win Protogemas and be able to get new characters like Shenhe or Yun Jin.

How to complete Genshin Impact’s “Potions Studio” game mode

The event is available from January 7 to 17, 2022 and we will have to have reached Adventure Rank 30 and have completed the mission “Goodbye, perfected master”.

During the event, we will have to complete the mission “Pills and potions” by carrying out the corresponding experiments. Every other day, a new round of trials will be unlocked and on the fifth day, they will all be available.

Each round of experiments is divided into four challenges, being able to choose the order of these. In each challenge, we will find two types of multipliers that will modify our score. We will also find various types of difficulty.

Before starting a challenge, we will have to form a team of up to 4 characters and equip ourselves with potions to help us during the battles. If we defeat all the enemies in the right time, we will have completed the challenge.

Eventos de Genshin Impact

Considerations to take into account

  • In each phase of the challenge, the iceburning potion that was used in a phase will be consumed once the progress is saved.
  • The experiment can be restarted at any time.
  • In challenges, you cannot use food or items.
  • You can only participate in the event in single player mode.

Event rewards

During the event we will get 3 types of badges: bronze, silver and gleaming and depending on these, we will be able to obtain different rewards such as Protogems, Hero’s ingenuity, mystical refinement minerals, talent improvement materials, weapon ascent materials and Blackberries.

Genshin Potions Study


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