How to complete the Genshin Impact “Hunters and Rebels” event


The “Hunters and Rebels” event is now available in Genshin Impact from January 13 to 17. In this one, we will have to find Gygax to earn great rewards in return. Therefore, in the following guide we leave you all the information of the event, as well as the prizes. Do not miss it!

How to complete the “Hunters and Rebels” event in Genshin Impact

To be able to participate in the event, the first thing we have to do is to have obtained the Adventure Rank 20 As minimum. Once achieved, we can find Gygax, either individually or through multiplayer.

The game is simple: we can be hunters or rebels. The hunters must catch the rebels who are hiding. we can get Rebellion Coins if we play random games online, thus, we will win Protogemas, Mora, Hero’s Ingenuity and ascension materials.

Before starting each game, we will have to select the character and the ability that we want to add to it. On the other hand, Kamisato and Mona’s talents that replace sprinting will not be usable.

Evento Genshin Impact

Play as a rebel

When the game starts, the rebels have to hide and avoid being found by the hunter before the time runs out. The longer they hide, the more coins they earn. If there is at least one hidden rebel left when the timer expires, the victory will go to this side.

On the other hand, the rebels have unique abilities that are as follows:

  • Elemental Ability: Camouflage
  • Normal Attack: Decoy and Invisibility
  • Ultimate Ability: Stellar Speed

play as a hunter

The goal of the hunter is to capture all the rebels before the time runs out. The more rebels the faster we capture them, the more Rebellion Coins we get. In the same way as the rebels, we have certain abilities:

  • Elemental Ability: Capture!
  • Normal Attack: Reaction Aura or Sixth Sense.
  • Ultimate Ability: Confinement, Overview or Hunter Intuition.

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Each game, a disputed area will be chosen among those that we have unlocked, having new maps, but before participating we will have to have unlocked all the Statues of the Seven in the event area.

Rebellion Coins

On the launch day of the event, we can get a total of 1,200 coins. Afterwards, each day more will be unlocked until a total of 6,000. These coins can be exchanged to receive the corresponding rewards.


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