How to cook chicken and eggs to avoid bird flu, know the way

How to cook Chicken and Eggs: There is a fear of bird flu in many states of the country. An alert has been issued due to bird flu. Many people are not eating chicken and eggs because of fear. At the same time, experts say that there is no need to be so afraid of bird flu. Just have to adopt methods to eat chicken and eggs. Also Read – Bird Flu: 69,000 birds were killed in Alappuzha and Kottayam in Kerala; Government will give compensation to farmers who raise duck

Follow this method to cook
After the news of bird flu in India, chicken and egg sales in the country have come down because people are nervous. On the question asked in this regard, the Commissioner of Animal Husbandry said that if you cook and eat eggs and chicken properly then it is completely safe, so there is no need to panic or fear. Dr. Praveen Malik, Commissioner of Animal Husbandry in the Central Government, said that the bird flu in chickens has not yet been confirmed this year, but even if it is confirmed, there is no need to fear, because caution is already being taken in this direction. is. Also Read – Central Government’s action on the threat of bird flu, control room made to monitor the situation

Dr. Praveen Malik said that although a large number of poultry birds i.e. chickens have died in Haryana, it is due to bird flu or not, after the report of samples sent to Bhopal National High Security Animal Institute (NIHSAD) It will be clear. Also Read – #BirdFlu: As soon as the news of bird flu broke, the dam of the people was broken, said – now what is this new rule …

So far, bird flu has been confirmed in four states. Among these, there are reports of bird flu in crows in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, while migratory birds in Himachal Pradesh and domestic ducks in Kerala. He said that the process of killing the bird has been implemented in Kerala as a part of the earlier prevention measures.

He said, “Wherever there is a report of avian influenza (AI) in poultry bird, all the birds of the affected farm and all the birds kept in one kilometer area are destroyed and People are compensated towards the government. After this, monitoring is extended for the next 10 kilometers and samples are taken from that area and they are examined. After this the post-surveillance operation runs, in which the report is negative for two-three months, then it is declared a bird flu free area. ”

Dr. Malik said that apart from this, the precautions and measures which are there in the case of wild bird are also implemented. Regarding the measures to be taken on the confirmation of the disease in the wild bird, he said that where reports of bird deaths are made, security is increased first and there is talk of immediate disposal of dead birds and human movement is reduced. This is done and special care is taken for cleanliness. For example, visitors are stopped from visiting the zoo when there is a report of bird flu.

Dr. Malik said that birdflu came to light in the world in 1996, but in India, a year before its arrival in 2006, a rescue plan was made in 2005. He said that since 2006, there have been reports of bird flu in two or three states in the winter and during this time changes have also been made in the action plan. Dr. Malik said that reports of abnormal deaths of large number of birds have come from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Haryana besides this year, but samples have been sent to Bhopal from other states too, many of them negative Have come

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