How to Decorate Your Home


How to Decorate Your Home

Decorating your new home can be tiring and expensive. Here are some tips to decorate your dream house without breaking your bank.

If you have an old house and you are looking for some mind-blowing makeover you need guidance. We know you are here for some ideas that will help you in the job. You have great choices to make like getting acrylic name plate, custom wall décor, new rugs, some fresh plants, etc. Everything adds to make it wholesome. 

Ask yourself- what personality do you want your home to reflect before you begin the work? Do it nicely, and you will get a comfy stylish home. It is possible to end up with mismatched furniture and hotch-potch decoration if you do not take an interest. With little planning, you can do wonders to your space. How? Let us break this down for you:

DIY House Decorating Tips:

Set Tone of the Front Door:

The first great impression is the entry of your home. Paint the front door with a fun glassy hue. Red, Pastel Blue, Royal Blue, etc. Add depth and are considered prosperous in many religions. In America, a red door is a sign of welcome.

Orange and yellow are considered sacred in Indian culture. Even in San Francisco, both colors add warmth and joy. Colors play an important role in one’s psychology. They can be soothing or heavy on the mind. Get rid of your outdated door. If you are planning a new home get something fresh and vibrant. That brings positive energy when someone enters your house.

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Light and neutral walls are therapeutic:

Colors like beige, white, cream, and grey are great for light. If you color walls in light colors furniture and décor pieces jar transitions. You get a lot of options to choose from. When you color your small rooms in the same tone, it creates the illusion of a larger space. These variations when done smartly do wonders, trust me. You can check many pictures of small homes with neutral shades and dark shades. You will find subtle shades are more ravishing than darker tones.

Match Sofa with Chairs in Your Living Room:

Think of a boutique hotel lobby. Furniture arranged in a sequenced manner for conversations. Create a balance of sense and intimacy in your living room area. It invites people to talk and spend some quality time.

A U-shape conversation space where you keep two chairs facing each other is ideal for a living room. It should be across the sofa. Do not push furniture against walls. We think that room looks bigger but keeping furniture’s bits away from the wall appear room larger. Also, keep in mind that the colors of the sofa should be in contrast with the chairs. You can keep statement chairs or minimalist chairs as per your room size and interior.

Sun-Shine is Important In Kitchen Area:

The window dressing should be open and elegant. Always go for large-sized sheer windows in the kitchen near the top. This way, the room gets light and brings positivity. For window curtains, you can pick any light color sheer fabrics made of cotton, linen, and silk blends because they look good and hang well.

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One Mirror in Every Room:

The mirror makes the room appear bigger as the light bounces through it around the room. But you should know where to place a mirror. The wrong direction can be bad for all.

Mirrors should be perpendicular to the windows not directly. If you hang a mirror opposite the window, the light will bounce back out of the window.

Art Work Adds Depth:

Dinky little art hung high on the wall is ridiculous. The picture hung in my eyesight. Doesn’t matter if a person is tall or short. Average the height of persons and then hang the wall art.

It should not be too big or small. An oversize piece makes the room look small. If your room is bigger, go for a big wall hanging. It depends on your room size and other stuff.

Proper Layered Lightning:

Every room requires three kinds of lights: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient means overall illumination like ceiling fixtures, task means lights found in kitchens and reading areas, and accent means decorative lights.

Your living room should be bright, and so is your kitchen. You can keep the lights dim in your bedroom. For this place, a 3 watt light per square foot is required for a bright ceiling and staircase.

Rugs Under Furniture:

Keep a rug under the sofa and chairs. It should fit all the living room seating areas. Place the front two legs on the rug. It makes the room feel brighter and cozier.

Whatever the living room size is, it should accommodate a seating space. Rugs should be properly placed, and size, if chosen smartly, makes everything look in place.

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Call A Professional To Declutter:

The longer you stay in your house, the less you notice the mess around you. Call an expert. They are pro organizers who will tackle your bookshelves, closet, and stuff in your room. However, you may feel that it is not needed but you do. Ask your friends what they think of your house? Then decide on a makeover.

Visual Tricks To Enhance Ceiling:

If your ceiling is a low rise, paint them white. Hang curtains above windows and trick people into appearing your room is taller. You can have fun with colors, but do not buy heavy and patterned designs. It will subside the illusion of the elongated wall. Go for large windows, light color room walls, and light shade curtains.

I hope you liked our ideas and tips. For any information and suggestions, write us in the comment section below.