How to Delete or Mark as Read All Gmail Emails in One Step to Save Space


Organizing our inbox in Gmail is something that can become very tedious. There are those who do not do it at all, and enter the client to only read the emails, while others cannot even see a notification icon floating around the interface of our system. Nevertheless, in Gmail there is an option to eliminate all our root problemsalthough perhaps it is a solution that should not be done very often.

Gmail gives us the possibility to completely delete all emails we have received or sent in one sitting, in addition to being able to mark each and every one of them as read. The procedure is extremely simple, and through a series of steps we’ll show you how to do it so you don’t have to worry about those notifications anymore.

Deleting our entire inbox from time to time can come in handy. Not only to heal us, but to save storage space in our Google account, since there are no things to waste space. An email can weigh between 1 MB or even more than 25 MB, depending on its content.

Google One

To find out how much space Gmail takes up in your Google account, you just have to visit the Google One website. Having more than 10,000 emails in your inbox can take up a good percentage of your free Drive storage. In case we need more space, we can always see the plans offered by the company, since we can get 100 GB for only 19.99 euros per year.

Although it can be risky to delete everything at once, we can always filter through the emails that weigh the most and eliminate those that we do not need, as we discussed in this article. If, on the other hand, you want to decide to delete everything, below these lines we will tell you how to do it.

How to mark as read or delete all emails in Gmail

Gmail 2

As the main requirement for this trick, we have to enter Gmail from the browser of our computer, or through the browser of our mobile device by activating the ‘Computer View’. This is because the option that appears in Gmail to select everything is only shown in this way.

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Once we have accessed Gmail from the browser and logged in, we go to the inbox and click on the box on the top left, the one that is above all of our emails. Having clicked on the box, all the mails will be selected, although only those that are on the first page. However, to select them all, we just have to select the option that appears at the top right of ‘Select the X conversations from received’.

Once the option is clicked, we can manipulate at will each and every one of the mails that we have in our inbox, or any other Gmail folder. Having selected all the messages, we can delete them all at once to save space, or mark them as read to delete any notification.

Having deleted them, they will go straight to the trash, so don’t forget to empty the trash too if you want to save storage space. If you have any mail that you want to save, this is the moment.


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