How to demolish walls in Rust


If you have recently started playing, you will not understand many of the elements of the game. We invite you to take a look at our Rust tips and tricks for newcomers. But, How to demolish walls in Rust? What should we do if we have made a mistake when building or if we see some other people’s construction? Obviously, you will have to hit with a weapon or tool, but which ones are more effective? We will try to answer all questions.

Demolish walls in Rust: more effective tools or weapons

There are different types of walls in Rust, and this will significantly determine how resistant they will be. Within each type, in addition, there may be variations, such as those made of stone. Similarly, We advise you not to use tools such as axes or picks, because they will be totally useless or you will need to use and break dozens of them until you get it.

Explosives will help you demolish any wall in Rust effectively, and you won’t need to spend too many resources. The ax or hammer were valid years ago, but today these tools lost the possibility of being able to tear down these structures. If it helps, here is a curious video made by the youtuber PolarisHD in which he uses different weapons and types of tools to destroy a stone wall in the game. How many spikes, for example, would it take?

You know, if you want to demolish walls in Rust use explosive bullets, grenades, rocket launchers and derivatives. Don’t waste time with tools. Don’t forget to check out our Rust tips and tricks specially made for newcomers.

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