How to destroy and erase objects in Valheim


Since the launch of the game it has been one of the requests of its own community of players. Please, any action that allows destroy and erase objects in Valheim so that they do not take up space in the inventory or are lying around when we do not want them. Is it possible to carry out this action?

How to destroy and erase objects in Valheim right now

The option as such does not yet exist and we do not know if it will be implemented, so It’s time to look for other alternatives that allow us to destroy and erase objects in Valheim forever. There are four options and we let you choose the one you prefer:

  • Wait for them to disappear on their own. It’s simple: just drop the item you no longer want on the ground (preferably away from your base) and after a few days of playtime the item will disappear on its own.
  • Sacrifice it in the ocean. Yes, you can throw it into the ocean so it stays at the bottom forever. Of course, keep in mind that there is no going back: what is thrown into the water in the water stays.
  • Use a mod. We have already made our selection for the best Valheim mods and you can opt for this option. There is one of them that you can easily install and that incorporates this option from the same inventory, so you don’t have to look for alternatives.
  • Delete it using the cheat codes. Another option is to take a look at the complete list of Valheim cheat codes that you can use from the command window. One of them, “removedrops”, will allow you to delete objects that you don’t want forever. Of course, you can only use it in a solo game.
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At the moment these are all the options that exist to be able to erase and destroy objects in Valheim. If you have another alternative you can share it.