How to download the COVID certificate in the easiest way to always carry it with us


The Covid Certificate, also known as Covid passport, it is essential if you want to travel to other countries and even to enter indoors, in certain regions of the world. We have already explained certain ways to always have it at hand, even if you do not have an Internet connection, and now we are going to delve into each and every one of the options you have to download this certificate on your mobile.

Here you will see how to download this document using all the options available for your Android mobile, for iPhone and also if your Android-based mobile is Samsung. You can have both the Normal PDF as the certificate within Google Pay, Apple Wallet or Samsung Pay.

Download your Covid Certificate on an iPhone with Apple Wallet

apple wallet

If you have an iPhone, the Ministry of Health allows you to download the file to your Apple Wallet. To request this format you have to do it from the same website of the Ministry. You do the same steps as when you request it in PDF. When you click on the request your certificate button, follow a few simple steps to explain the type of certificate you want to request. You will have to say if you have had COVID-19 or have been vaccinated, and where you were vaccinated.

After completing this form and choosing your autonomous community, you have to choose where you want to request your COVID certificate. If you choose the option “in this venue”, you will continue on the page you are on. If you select your autonomous community, change to the website of your region. Depending on each site, the processes are different and you will not always have the option of downloading the certificate in Wallet format, as you can on an iPhone.

So you can check that your Covid Certificate works correctly before it can give you an error

To verify your identity you can use a Certificate digital that is installed on the device or browser, or identify yourself through the Cl @ ve Permanente program.

Once you have identified yourself with your password, you will have to fill out a two-page form. The certificate can be for you or for someone else, in fact and in this step is where you can fill in that information. They will ask you for various personal information and your health card.

After this, in the last step. You have to write your email and say “Yes, I want to receive the certificate also in Wallet format”. When you do, choose the language and write your phone number to have it sent to you. After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS with the address. Press the link with your iPhone, since that will allow you to download it in Wallet format to be able to install it in the Wallet or portfolio. You are going to access the page of the Ministry of Health. In it, you have to write your ID and click on the Download Wallet button.

Download your Covid certificate for Google Pay

Google Pay

There is no way to officially download this Covid passport for Android. Thus, you need to download its version for Apple Wallet. Repeat the above process as if you were requesting your certificate in PDF.

After completing this first form and choosing your autonomous community, you have to choose where you want to request your COVID certificate. Again remember that if you choose to go to the website of your autonomous community you will go to the website of each community, with different processes and where you will not always have the option to download the certificate in format for the Wallet.

Then it is time to verify your identity, for which you have two options: use a digital Certificate (which is already installed on the device or browser, or identify yourself through the Permanent Cl @ ve program). You have to fill in the form that appears below with your personal information and that of your health card.

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Now is when you will have to do something different from the previous process, about Apple Wallet. You have to write an email where they will send you the certificate. Click on the option “Yes, I want to receive the certificate also in Wallet format“Choose the language and enter your phone number.

You now have to use an application to convert the file to one from Google Pay. It can be Pass2Pay, which you can download from your app store. When you receive the SMS from the Ministry of Health and you open it, write your ID and download the Apple Wallet pkpass file. It will be downloaded into the memory of your mobile. Do not open it, just open the Pass2Pay app. When accessing, click on Open .pkpass file and open the certificate file compatible with Apple Wallet.

Accede to Pass2Pay and open a tab to generate your Google Pay card with the file data. Name the file. Download the file and click the Save button on the phone. A window will open with the thumbnail view of your COVID passport. Click the Save button at the bottom. Google Pay will open to save the document there and that’s it.

Download the PDF with the QR

QR code

It is true that searching among your files for a PDF is not the fastest option, if we compare it with the efficiency of the aforementioned iOS and Android tools, but you can also simply download the PDF document and keep it saved among your files.

You have to request the Covid Digital Certificate either on the website of the Ministry of Health or on the website that has been enabled by the Autonomous Community where you are registered. If you go to the national website, it is this link. If you want to go to the one in your Autonomous Community, our colleague Yúbal from Xataka Basics has prepared a very complete list of each website that you can see in this link. If you use the first option, that of the Ministry, At one point in the process, it will ask you to access the permanent Cl @ ve by means of your digital certificate. o e program Autofirma.

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When you request the certificate, you will be sent a PDF document with a QR code that will be your identification to access certain places or services. When requesting the certificate, you can also choose its paper version, which would be sent to you by post. OR you can print your PDF, as long as it is in good quality so that the code is readable.

In addition to having it saved in your files, you should also know that a practical way to carry it and have it always located is to upload it to the cloud storage service that we use, be it Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or OneDrive, to name a few.

Also, if you want to access this document even if there is no Internet, in PDF version, you have to activate the corresponding option so that it is available offline.


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