How to easily improve Valheim performance with the Vulkan API


If you have updated the game to its latest version (0.146.8) you will be able to improve Valheim performance very easily using the Vulkan API. This technology is known to improve CPU and GPU utilization for gamers. Do you want to know how to activate it?

How to improve Valheim performance step by step

It is very easy to get it but you have to follow these steps as indicated. First, make sure your game is up to date at least to the version described above. To check it one hundred percent, go to the game on Steam, click with the right mouse button and click on Update if the option appears at the top.

Once you have the game updated, click again with the right click and enter the Properties section.

A new window will open and you should stay in the General tab, where there will be several options marked. The one that interests us to improve the performance of Valheim is the last, which indicates Launch Parameters. There you must write the following, as indicated:


This will trigger the Vulkan API in the game, allowing you to automatically improve Valheim’s performance.. When you start the game, a window will appear asking you if you want to play with Vulkan, accept and that’s it. If for any reason the performance presents a difficulty, play without it.

It’s that easy to improve performance in Valheim, noting a significant improvement in terms of FPS. If you want to know what the future of Valheim is, we indicate the plans that are to come, including new functions, characteristics, biomes and bosses. Here we explain how a team of just five people was able to create one of the most popular games in recent years.

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