How To Fight Chapter 218 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


How To Fight Chapter 218 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Have you begun reading the manhwa after viewing the anime How to Fight? A manhwa brimming with romance, fantasy, adventure, and action, How to Fight was authored as well as illustrated by Park Tae Joo.

Ever since the manhwa’s initial installment was published on May 23, 2021, devotees have eagerly anticipated the release of each subsequent chapter. Ho Gyeong, a high school pupil, acquires combat skills from an assortment of online videos in the wildly popular webtoon series How to Fight, created by Mongie.

Its characters are recognizable for their wit, action, and relatability. Since its serialization on Naver Webtoon in 2017, How to Fight has amassed more than 1.5 billion views.

Chapter 217 of How to Fight, which was published on Monday, January 15, 2024, depicted an action-packed confrontation between Jin Seok, Ho Gyeong’s adversary, and himself. The two combatants traded strong blows and taunts until Ho Gyeong unleashed his ultimate technique, the Dragon Fist.

Nevertheless, Jin Seok did not concede easily and retaliated with the Tiger Claw, his own concealed technique. The chapter concluded on a cliffhanger, as the fate of the battle remained uncertain and both combatants succumbed to their wounds.

We will provide comprehensive information regarding Chapter 218 of How To Fight, involving the release date, raw scan release date, summary of previous chapter 217, plotlines, and reading locations.

How To Fight Chapter 218 Release Date:

It is highly probable that How to Fight Chapter 218 will be published on January 27, 2024. Patrons must await the official announcement. They can then immerse themselves entirely in the exciting new installment of the series.

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However, releasing all the unedited images as well as spoilers will provide viewers with a small glimpse of what to anticipate in the subsequent installment.

How To Fight Chapter 218 Storyline:

To find out what happens in Chapter 218 of How to Fight, you can read online spoilers leaked by various sources. It is possible, however, that these spoilers are not comprehensive or accurate, and they could ruin the fun of the chapter. Avoid further action.

As per the disclosed spoilers, chapter 218 of How to Fight will reveal the victor of the bout involving Ho Gyeong as well as Jin Seok, and the outcome will be unexpected.

The chapter will additionally depict the responses of the remaining characters, including Jin Seok’s gang, Ho Gyeong’s companions, and the enigmatic individual who has been observing the conflict.

In this chapter, a new character will be introduced who plays a significant role in the subsequent plot arc. As the chapter comes to a shocking conclusion, Ho Gyeong is going to get a message from a familiar face.

Where To Read How To Fight Chapter 218?

A Guide to Combat, Chapter 218 One can find Manhwa on a multitude of websites. Websites for reading manhwa and webcomics are two examples. These online platforms offer a diverse selection of manhwa. Everyone has unrestricted access to them. Also available on the official Manhwa platforms are the series.

How To Fight Chapter 218 Recap:

Here is a brief summary of the events that transpired in Chapter 217 of How to Fight, should you require a refresher. Ho Gyeong as well as Jin Seok continued their battle at the beginning of the chapter, each landing a powerful kick or punch on the other.

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Jin Seok avoided Ho Gyeong’s Dragon Fist attempt and delivered a knee strike in response. Jin Seok then blocked Ho Gyeong’s Dragon Tail attack with his arm.

Jin Seok mocked Ho Gyeong’s reliance upon online videos for learning how to fight, stating that Ho Gyeong had been battling since he was a child and was therefore a natural fighter. Additionally, he disclosed that he harbored romantic feelings for Min Ji, the girlfriend of Ho Gyeong, and desired to seize her.

Ho Gyeong, infuriated by Jin Seok’s remarks, retaliated with his Dragon Fist, which struck Jin Seok in the face. The impact stunned Jin Seok, and Ho Gyeong delivered an onslaught of blows in response.

Jin Seok subsequently employed his concealed methodology, the Tiger Claw, to execute a fingernail slash against Ho Gyeong. In addition, he revealed that he had honed his nails over an extended period of time, making them more incisive than knives.

After inflicting wounds on Ho Gyeong with his slashes, Jin Seok mocked him for his perceived frailty. He then made preparations to deliver the finishing blow, but Ho Gyeong stopped it with his arm and delivered the counterattack, a headbutt.

Both combatants collapsed to the ground, hemorrhaging and depleted. The chapter concluded on a cliffhanger, since the victor of the battle remained unidentified.

How To Fight Chapter 218 Raw Scan Release Date:

In order to access the authentic Korean rendition of Chapter 218 of How to Fight, one must patiently await its official release on January 24, 2024, at 12 a.m. KST.

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The author has uploaded the raw scans, which are unaltered as well as untranslated images of the chapter, to Naver Webtoon. Generally, the raw scans become accessible a few minutes prior to or subsequent to the designated release time.

The raw scan release time and date for chapter 218 of How to Fight are January 24, 2024, at 12 a.m. KST, which is identical to the official release time and date. Users can utilize the aforementioned online tools to determine the precise time at a given location.

How To Fight Chapter 218 Trailer Release:

What Are The Rating For How To Fight Chapter 218?

Chapter 216 demonstrated the courage of Megumi’s sacrifice for Yuji and the profundity of Yorozu’s love for Sukuna. It was a chapter filled with suspense and emotion. It also precipitated an epic battle between General Mahoraga and Sukuna, the two most powerful cursed spirits in history, according to legend.

The chapter garnered considerable acclaim from readers, who commended the author’s artistic prowess and narrative style. Webtoon also awarded the chapter the highest ranking within its weekly Shonen Jump popularity poll, 9.81 on a scale of 10.