How to find and mine each ore in Valheim: copper, iron, tin, silver, obsidian, and black metal


Are you looking for a specific resource? To make different tools, weapons, equipment and all kinds of objects you will need to know how to find and mine each ore in Valheim. In this guide we will teach you how to get copper, iron, tin, silver, obsidian, and black metal in the game.

How to find copper in Valheim

To find copper in Valheim You will have to direct your steps to a Black Forest biome, where you will find large rocks covered with moss. There you will also find small areas of copper on the rock that you can extract using a horn / antler pick or better.

You will know that you have found the correct rock type because the “copper deposit” message will appear.

You will also receive stone when you try to get the copper (because that is what it takes to chop a rock). Keep in mind that sometimes the copper can be found quite deep, so we recommend that you keep digging around the area until you are sure that there is nothing else left.

How to get a copper ingot in Valheim

In order to melt the copper and get an ingot you will need 2 bastard and 1 copper ore. You can use them to create the following objects:

  • Bronze
  • Copper knife
  • Fragua
  • Forge cooler
  • Chandelier

How to find iron in Valheim

To be able to get iron in Valheim you will need an antler pick or a bronze pick to extract it, and you will only find this mineral in the interior of the swamp biomes.

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You can obtain iron in Valheim by following two methods. The first is to search the Swamp for this resource having the Wishbone equipped, an object that you will obtain after defeating the Bonemass boss.

As you explore the swamp, use the Wishbone effect and watch the noise grow louder and faster. This will lead to loads of these hidden iron piles that can be mined like any other resource.

Alternatively you can find iron in Valheim inside the Sunken Crypts.

How to get an iron ingot in Valheim

In order to obtain an iron ingot in Valheim you will have to use the foundry. You will need 2 bastard and 1 iron for each one.

How to find tin in Valheim

To find tin in Valheim you will have to enter the Black Forest biome. It can be found when exploring the shores and riverbanks by looking for the small rocks with a black stripe. You will need an antler pick (minimum) to be able to extract the ore.

How to get a tin ingot in Valheim

To obtain a tin ingot in Valheim you will need 2 coal and 1 tin. Once done, you can make the following elements with this material:

How to find silver in Valheim

To find silver in Valheim you will have to go to the mountain biome. You can extract it from the deposits that, as a general rule, are hidden under the ground.

In order to obtain silver you will need an iron pick or higher.

We recommend that you use the Whisbone (obtained by beating Bonemass) to locate the silver ores, as it will be much better than wandering aimlessly in their search. They are not usually in plain sight.

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How to find black metal in Valheim

Unlike other metals, to find black metal in Valheim You will not have to look for a natural source since they can only be obtained by beating Fulings.

Fulings are small goblin-like creatures that can be found deep within the Plains biome. You will also find them in the Meadows and Mirkwood at night once you have defeated Yagluth.

Look for them and kill them: sometimes they will drop this material as a reward.

How to get a Black Metal Ingot in Valheim

To be able to obtain a black metal ingot in Valheim you will have to melt 1 black metal piece with 2 of bastard. With this you will be able to elaborate the following elements:

  • Black metal atgeir
  • Black metal ax
  • Black metal knife
  • Black metal sword
  • Black metal shield
  • Black metal tower shield

How to find Obsidian in Valheim

To find obsidian in Valheim You will have to enter the Mountain biome, mining the black rocks that you will find on the peaks. These rocks are often outdoors and not buried.

You will need a pickaxe (of any type) in order to obtain obsidian. Once you have it, you can craft these elements with this material:

  • Frost arrow
  • Obsidian arrow
  • Poison arrow
  • Tool rack

We hope we have been useful to find and mine minerals in Valheim. If you need more help here, we will tell you how to tame animals in Valheim so that you can keep them as pets or use them for other purposes. In this complete Valheim construction guide you will learn everything you need to be able to make your house (or whatever you want) in the game.

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