how to get free 50 card packs


Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has just arrived for several platforms and as a welcome, we can get 50 free pack of cards to form our deck thanks to PlayStation Plus. This is great news, since we have thousands of cards available, some of which are more recommended for beginners, so having more options allows us to better form a strategy.

How to get 50 card packs for free in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

All we have to do is access the page from PlayStation Store and redeem the prize. For this we have to have the account linked to the Konami account. We will automatically get the prize in our game.

Free Master Duel Packs

If you don’t have this service you can also take advantage of the 14 days free that they give you when you register for the first time to redeem the prize.

Currently in the game we find three types of envelopes:

  • Unconditional Strength: designed to get strong and easy to use cards, as well as the most aggressive archetypes.
  • Resurgence of the Legends: where we can find the most mythical cards in the history of the game such as the Blue Eyes.
  • Master Pack: designed to create new legends and improve the deck by increasing its strength.

Each pack in the game costs 100 gems. When we start the game we will be given 1,000 for completing the tutorial, but if we want to continue progressing this pack is perfect for us to do it quickly.

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