How to get Rust Drops from various Twitch streamers


Facepunch Studios, developer of one of the hottest video games thanks to its huge success on Twitch, has confirmed the arrival of the Drops the Rust and Twitch, a way to get some extra bonuses just for watching some live broadcasts.

How to get Rust Drops?

To be able to get Drops of Rust we’re going to have to view live content from some specific creators. All the objects that we can obtain are unique and typical of some creators, including a sweatshirt from the Spanish streamer Auronplay, a jacket from Lylypichu, a sweatshirt from Ludwig, a garage door from Pokimane, a t-shirt from Sykkuno, an assault rifle from xQc … and more.

As the study itself has commented, to get these Rust Drops on Twitch you will simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Link your Twitch account with your Steam account.
  • Within Steam, look for the option that allows you to activate Twitch Drops.
  • View the live content of the streamer you want to receive the reward from until you receive it.

List of channels that offer Rust Drops

If you want to get the Auronplay sweatshirt, for example, you will have to go to their channel and view their content while it is live, and so on with everyone else individually. There is a possibility that you will get their Drops, which will be their specific custom item. These are all channels that offer unique rewards:

Remember this Rust Drops promotion with the content creators of Twitch will be available until next January 14. If you’re just starting to play or notice you’re really green, take a look at our review of the 10 best Rust tips and tricks, which still suit you.

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