How to know if you have a debt with Social Security through the internet


On many occasions, Social Security can impose administrative sanctions for errors in the contribution process that has been carried out, for having improperly hired a worker or even for having received a benefit that did not correspond to you. All these debts, on some occasions, although they are strange, may not be notified to you. This makes it necessary that it may be interesting to know if you have any type of debt.

The electronic notification system in many cases it is not perfect. Although it is about implementing it as an alternative to the typical certified letter that arrives at your home with the corresponding sanction, there are already many sentences that have given the taxpayer the reason for not receiving the notification correctly, having done it through an electronic channel. .

In addition to being able to fulfill a curiosity, or knowing how much debt you have left with the administration, Social Security allows you to carry out this query in a simple way, as long as you have a digital certificate or [email protected] system. It may also be necessary for some procedures where it is necessary have certificates that you are free of debt to access benefits.


Request the report of being free of debts with Social Security

In order to know if you have this type of debt, the procedure to carry out is requesting a simple report where all your personal data is collected and it is certified that you are free of any type of debt. To do this, you must first access the electronic headquarters of Social Security.

Once inside, you must move to the top and stand on citizens. In the second point you must click on Collection to display a whole list of procedures in order to have access to this report or certificate.


When you see all these procedures you must click on Report of being up to date with social security obligations. By pressing you will see a small summary of the query to be carried out and then click on get access.


Access will be through the identification gateway of the ministry itself. In this case, it can be done with several systems: with digital certificate, permanent [email protected], [email protected] PIN or also via SMS in the event that it is correctly registered with social security, although it is the system that can offer citizens the least security.

How to know the number of affiliation to Social Security from the internet

Once identified, a page will load with all your personal data. In this case, DNI, social security affiliation number and address. Once you have verified all these data, you will go to the bottom and click on To print. On the next page click on Report so that the PDF file can be opened in a second tab.


The report that is generated will be valid to be able to present before the administration and also whether or not you have debts with the Social Security Administration. Without a doubt, it is one of the most recommended methods to be able to find out in an easy and, above all, accessible way, if you have any type of debt contracted and then pay it.

Social Security Report


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