How to order a birth certificate online with instant download


When you were born, your parents had to carry out various legal formalities such as go to the Civil Registry to certify your birth. In this document your birth is registered so that the name, place, date and time of birth are recorded.

The issue that arises in this case is that in numerous procedures you can be asked for this certificate. In order to have it in hand, you will have to go to a Civil Registry office, or request it through the internet as long as you were born after the year 1950. Keep in mind that during the process you will be able to choose a simple certificate that is merely informative, or a complete and valid certificate for any official procedure.

In this case, you will also be able to choose to request the certificate with immediate download as long as you have a record in [email protected] or a digital certificate. But you can also get via post filling in your personal information.


Request the birth certificate immediately

To be able to download, the first thing is to enter the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice. Two large blocks will appear on the web and you must scroll to the procedures, followed by Birth certificate.


Upon entering you will find different forms of processing. In our case, it is interesting to click on Online processing with [email protected]which is the necessary system so that it can be issued immediately in the event that it is in the database records.


In the first window that appears, you will see that you must select the Certificate Languageas well as the requesting person. In this case, you will be able to request it for yourself, but you can also request it for third parties as long as you have their data. This can be useful, for example, when you need to have your son or daughter’s certificate because it is required to issue the DNI for the first time.


Some important data will have to be confirmed, such as the date of birth, country of birth, province and town, as well as the contact information to be able to send the notification. In the case of the name of your parents, it is complementary information and you will not be obliged to enter it. The really important thing is that the municipality is correct, since otherwise your certificate will not be detected.


In the last window, you will have to choose the type of certificate. If it is required to request the DNI, the passport or any relevant document, it is important that it be a literal certificate, since it will contain the exact information. The extract will only contain the most important data, as a summary. And finally, the multilingual certificate is designed for international procedures as it is written in several languages.

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In addition to this, you must also enter the number of copies which should not exceed the number 10 and also the recipient. If required, observations can be embedded.

Certificate Data

Finally, you will see a summary window with everything you have requested. At the end of this you will have to click on Send request.


After a period of a few seconds, you can click on Download certificate. In the PDF you will see the documents you have requested, verbatim or the extract. For all purposes, this will be a document that you can download and submit, as it is electronically signed.

Likewise, it should be noted that if the town hall of your town is small, it is possible that this document is not digitized. In this situation, you must necessarily choose to go to the registry offices where you registered.


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