How to Perfect Your TV Viewing Setup


There’s nothing like being able to kick back and watch your favorite show at the end of the day. Here are the best tips to perfecting your TV viewing setup.

It’s been a tough day at work, to say the least. You had an early morning meeting, a co-worker walked out on you, and you had to do a bunch of extra work to keep yourself on schedule. To say that you owe yourself a relaxing night of TV viewing is an understatement.

It’s time to kick back in the recliner and throw on your favorite show. It’s hard to focus though when the color is off on the TV and the program is struggling to come in.

It sounds like it’s time to upgrade your set up. Check out this guide to get started.

Choose the Right TV

The perfect TV watching set up starts with a great television. When picking one out there are two very important things that you have to consider. Resolution and size.

The higher resolution TV you have, the closer you can place your living room seating without noticing any blurs or pixelation. This will help speed along the decision process when it comes to choosing the size of the television that you buy.

For example, since 4K TVs have such high resolution, you won’t need a huge one to maximize your viewing experience since you can park your seating so close to it.

TV Antenna Booster

Even if you have a glorious 4K TV, if you can’t get in your favorite channels it won’t matter. If your antenna isn’t cutting it, you can pick up a TV signal booster.

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Keep in mind that these boosters aren’t right for everyone. You can have too much of a good thing. If you don’t live in the right location or you use one that’s too strong, you may have even further signal problems.

It’s Okay to Use the Presets

Many people will tell you not to use the image presets that come default with the TV. If you play around with the settings too much you may end up messing up the picture. When in doubt, go ahead and use the presets.

The normal setting that comes with your TV should suit your needs fine. Stay away from the dynamic setting.

This is pretty much the display setting that’s used in the stores. It doesn’t work quite as well in someone’s home.

Use of Ambient Light

Your picture may be a bit different depending on your use of ambient light. Colors that look black in average lighting might turn gray when your lighting is dark.

The good news is that many TVs can detect the ambient light in a room and make adjustments automatically. If yours doesn’t do that, you can keep things looking good by placing some kind of light source behind your television.

Maximize Your TV Viewing Experience

After a long day at work or school, it’s critical that you have a great TV viewing experience to help yourself wind down. This can feel impossible if the colors on your television are off or you can’t even get in your favorite channels. Make a few of the upgrades listed here and start watching television the right way.

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Once you get your TV picture down it’s time to make sound and other tech upgrades to better your watch room. Check out the tech section of our blog daily for more articles like this one.