How to recycle old mobile phones: Top Tips


Are you in possession of an old mobile that does not work the way it should? If it is indeed the circumstance, you can upgrade your handset and recycle the existing one. Selling your old device is also another option if it is in decent condition. Regardless, recycling is the best decision if your handset isn’t past fixes. In this article, we look at how you can recycle old mobile phones for top cash at

Reason to sell old handsets

It may seem worthless to you, but your old handset has a lot of value. Also, if it doesn’t get discarded in the right manner, it’s an expected risk to you and the environment. Here are a couple of reasons why it is crucial to recycle old mobile phones.

  • Chemicals

There are various types of materials inside handsets that are hazardous to everyone. For instance, handsets contain mercury, which causes cerebrum damage and other medical issues. Lead is another standard item, which can lead to cancer. Recyclers will know how to take care of unsafe materials safely.

  • Resources

It looks good if you choose to recycle your old cell phone. The materials can get adequately used. The gold and silicon can get utilized again. A couple of materials, for instance, rare earth used in the handsets, are available only in China and may not stay accessible if there are emergencies. If your phone is faulty, recyclers can recover its plastic and metal.

  • Waste

If you have kept your phone well, you can diminish the waste entering the environment. This, without help from anyone else, is a substantial reason to recycle an old gadget.

  • Cash
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Consider the money you save when you get a working gadget for another. Notwithstanding the way that you get another handset, you additionally get some cash. Some recyclers even give customers a financial award for recycling an old handset. Despite all the expected purposes behind recycling a handset, you have a financial advantage as well.

How to recycle old handsets

There are two phases in this process, regardless of whether you are recycling or selling mobile phones. If the handset got damaged because of fire or flood, you can drop it at a close-by recycling point. If you need to trade your working gadget for another one, you’ll need to plan for leaving it. You would then be able to sell it to the buyer prior to removing all your information.

Here’s the way to set up your old gadget before giving it over for recycling or fixing and selling it to another purchaser.

  • Give an exhaustive clean to your handset with a liquor-based cleaning specialist.
  • Back up the information on your handset by adhering to the manual for guidelines.
  • Do a reset to clear all the data on your gadget.
  • Remove SIM cards and SD cards.
  • Double-check to guarantee the handset is working fine.
  • Package the handset if you have gotten it from the buyer and send it to the address provided.

Final words

Cell phone recycling is significant and can also help conserve the environment. It is advantageous for mobile phone users as well. The state of your old mobile phone will decide whether you should sell or recycle it. In any case, regardless of whether your handset is in a terrible state, you can recycle it instead of tossing it in the trash. You can get less money but help the environment by being a responsible citizen.