How to renew the COVID passport online after the third dose of the vaccine


One of the elements that have gained the most prominence in recent months is undoubtedly the COVID certificate, the key to enter any type of establishment, airports, etc. Although we have already explained how to download it and always have it at hand, from the third dose, we will have to renew it.

Many of the people in our country are already receiving the booster dose, and that leads to having to renew the COVID certificate, since recently the European Union put an expiration date on this document, being valid for a period of up to nine months since the last vaccination. In this article we explain how to renew the certificate in a few simple steps.

In addition to your Covid passport, you need another document to travel in Europe: you can get it on these websites

How to renew our COVID certificate

The COVID certificate is the one that certifies that either we have been vaccinated, or we have had the disease. In addition, it also specifies how many doses we carry. But nevertheless, for the third dose to appear reflected, it will have to be renewed. The process is fairly simple.

Through the website of the Ministry of Health

To renew the certificate, you just have to go to the website of the Ministry of Health and download our certificate again, which will be updated with our current vaccination status. Keep in mind that to request it, we will need a digital certificate or ‘permanent Cl @ ve’. In addition, if you want to carry it with you always, we can also download it in a ‘wallet’ format for your mobile phone.

Through the app of our autonomous community

Another way to do it is through the application of the health service of our autonomous community. In it we will have to go to the COVID-19 section and download the certificate. Here you will also need our digital certificate or our Social Security number. Below these lines we leave you a compilation of all the apps by autonomous community:

  • Andalusia: Through the ClicSalud + portal. It can also be requested from the Andalusia Health App for Android and for iOS.
  • Aragon: From the Salud Informa website. Also from the app Health Informs, available for Android and for iOS.
  • Asturias: From the AsturSalud website
  • Baleares: From the Patient Portal, and its applications for Android and iOS.
  • Canary Islands: From the myHistory portal, also available as a mobile application for Android and iOS.
  • Cantabria: From the CCDCan web, or the app App SCSalud, available for Android and for iOS.
  • Castilla la Mancha: From a specific website created by the Autonomous Community, or from the Sescam app for Android and iOS.
  • Castile and Leon: In the Patient folder, and in the app SACYL Connect available for Android and for iOS.
  • Catalonia: Through the My Health portal or from the app My Health, available for Android and for iOS.
  • Ceuta. The autonomous city allows it to be done from the My folder website.
  • Valencian Community: Using the website of the EU COVID Digital Certificate you can register using the health card number and the date of birth, after confirmation via the code sent by SMS, or from the application GVA + Health, available for Android and for iOS.
  • Estremadura: Using the Salud Extremadura portal, or with the app CSOnline Extremadura, available for Android and for iOS.
  • Galicia: Through the Chave365 system, and with the application available for Android and for iOS.
  • The Rioja: From the Rioja Salud website, and the app RiojaSalud, available for Android and for iOS.
  • Madrid: Through the application Health Card, available for Android and iOS, or from the My health folder portal.
  • Melilla: From the Electronic Office website.
  • Murcia: Through the website of its Electronic Office.
  • Navarra: Using the Personal Health Folder website or from the app Personal Health Folder, available for Android and for iOS
  • Basque Country: The certificate can be downloaded from the Osakidetza website, and from the app Osakidetza available for Android and for iOS.

When we have received the new certificate, we will see that the number of doses will have been updated by 3/3 if we have received the booster. In case of doubt, we can also check if it works through this method we explain them.


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