How to request a free report on any vehicle from the DGT: avoid scams when buying second-hand


Surely on many occasions the fact of buying a second-hand car has thrown you back in case it comes with a surprise included. An embargo, a sanction from the DGT or even that it is sealed can mean that you cannot enjoy your new car. That is why, before making this transaction, it is It is vital to request a report to consult these charges before the DGT. In this case, you can choose the free option, but not very detailed, or the paid and very detailed one.

To carry out this consultation process through the DGT website or with the miDGT application, it is necessary to have a digital certificate or registration in the [email protected] system. This is because to access this vehicle information that in the end is not yours, you must have the corresponding identification.

Consult the free report of any vehicle

At first, it is advisable to choose to request the summary report from the DGT, for which you do not have to pay anything. The problem that arises is that it offers very little information when entering the license plate of a vehicle. will only be displayed whether or not the vehicle has active incidents. But if you want to know if it is an incident with fines, embargoes or seals, you will have to opt for the payment report, since it is not detailed in this.

It can be said that it acts as a filter to know if it is worth it or not to pay for the most extensive report. In the event that in this case there is no incident you will be able to save them Everything will be correct, but if not you will have to go to a higher instance before making the purchase.

To be able to make this query, the first thing is to access the Electronic Headquarters of the DGT. At the top you will find numerous tabs, and you will be interested in placing yourself on Vehicle and in the drop-down you will click on vehicle report.


Next, a page will open with all the information related to this procedure that it is advisable to always read before starting it. Once done, at the top click on Reduced report.

Reduced Report

In this case, as we have mentioned before, you will have to identify yourself with one of the methods discussed above. It is advisable to always have it ready, since on many occasions when the certificate fails, it can cause the web to be blocked.

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But once identified, you will access a form in which to request this report. The only thing you are going to have to enter is the license plate of the vehicle to be consulted (which can also be your own). When you have entered the license plate, you will click on Consult.


At the moment a window will appear with basic vehicle information such as the brand, the model, the date of first registration and also the type of fuel. A green icon** will appear at the bottom if there is no incident reported to the DGT, but if it appears orange, something is happening. In these cases, the DGT informs that a complete report must be obtained to verify if there are embargoes, seals, bankruptcy proceedings or an administrative and judicial burden.


In short, all these steps are vital before making the purchase of any type of vehicle. You can save yourself a lot of headaches after the purchase, which is where all these problems start to emerge. Keep in mind that you should always be wary when buying anything second-hand.


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