How to Stand Out: 10 Unique Advertising Techniques You Need to Try


Tired of your marketing going ignored? Here are ten unique advertising techniques that will help your small business stand out.

59 percent of modern businesses use video advertising only.

As a growing business, you should use more than one advertising technique. You should also understand your target market well, and use the best advertising way to reach them.

Though hard, you can still increase the awareness of your business, and remain competitive. So, don’t be discouraged if you have been trying to advertise your business in vain.

Here are the top ten unique advertising techniques for both small and large firms. Go through them and try the most suitable method for your niche and budget.

  1. Work With Influencers

Do you know of any celebrities in your state? The popular people can help you boost your sales. Since they are already established brands, they can draw other people into your business.

They can also use their huge social media following to create more brand awareness for your firm. For best results, make sure that you use a reputable influencer.

A scandalous influencer might damage your business name, and that’s why you should be choosy. You may work with multiple influencers for the best results.

  1. Advertise Amazing Offers

Clients love bargains. They prefer products with discounts, free shipping, bonuses, and free trials. If your offers are amazing, you can win many clients, irrespective of how long the offer lasts.

So, do your research to know what your target market likes. If they like discounts, then provide discounts and advertise your offer proudly.

Make sure that you advertise your offer in all the leading and digital and offline advertising mediums. You will be surprised by the number of customers you will attract during that period.

  1. Mention the Benefits
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It’s good to mention the features and the uses of your new product. However, it is more important to mention the benefits, because that’s what your customers want to hear.

For instance, let’s assume that you offer a car repair service. An outstanding feature of your service could be that you provide a 24/7 service.

When you list the feature, you should also go ahead and mention that the 24/7 service would help customers get quick service in times of emergency.

However, you should only mention the true benefits, because untrue information can mislead the public and cause serious legal issues.

  1. Indicate the Call to Action

Your advertising techniques should not describe your product only. You should go a step further and encourage the readers to buy or to contact you.

Here are some of the phrases which you may include in the call-to-action part:

  • Make your order now
  • Call us today
  • Click to this email
  • Pay here
  • Book an appointment and so on

Your call to action should be short and concise. It should also have a persuasive language to encourage readers to buy.

  1. Include Testimonials

Nowadays, it is not easy to persuade a stranger to consider your company. Since business competition is high, customers will only choose the company that excites them and seems legit.

Testimonials can persuade more people to trust your firm, mainly if you offer online services. The testimonials provide evidence that you have been in the industry for a long period, and that your past clients enjoyed your products or service.

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All the reviews may not be positive, but you can encourage sales by replying to the negative ones well. People will love and trust your business if you respond to people’s testimonials well.

  1. Use Graphics

Include a few graphics in your adverts to catch the attention of your customers. The plain content may be informative, but may still be boring the readers.

The right pictures may encourage the readers to read, or still, they may pass the information even in the absence of the words. For this reason, the graphics you use should match the content in the ad.

The graphics should also be of great quality, which means that you should invest in a high-quality camera. Otherwise, a poor image may be a turnoff to your readers.

  1. Use Human Signs

Unlike many persuasive advertising techniques, the human sign walkers provide instant feedback. They can also reach many people, mainly if you place them in high traffic areas.

For best human billboard advertising results, you should create irresistible banners that the person will be carrying. The advertiser should also stand or sit in a visible place to reach many people.

  1. Include Facts and Statistics

Add facts and statistics to capture your readers’ attention and show the effectiveness of your product. You may use past studies stats or use any other important figure related to your business.

For instance, if you sell a disinfectant, you may state that it cleans up to 99 percent of germs. You may also mention that 70 percent of health experts recommend that product because of its effectiveness.

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Just make sure that your facts are relevant and realistic. But don’t overstuff them because they might become irrelevant to your advert.

  1. Be Fun and Creative

A short but funny advert can help you with the attention of many people. It prevents boredom and triggers interests in the readers or viewers. For instance, entertaining cartoon advertising children’s products would win many kids’ attention compared to normal advert.

You may use interesting labels on food products, pets, trees, and any other nonliving things for offline ads. The fun ads will help you win the hearts of many people who come across it.

  1. Make Your Content Shareable

Your content should be easy to share, whether it’s on the digital or offline platforms. If your ad is on a social media platform, include the share button for the readers to share with their friends.

For offline ads, you may include your business contacts and physical address contacts. Those who see your advertisement will share contact with others with ease.

Take Advantage of Unique Advertising

The current business environment requires entrepreneurs to be competitive and creative, to survive in the industry. If you would like your business to stand out, apply the above unique advertising tactics, and look for more.

The right tricks will help you win many people’s attention, which will translate into more sales.

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