How to Start Forex Trading with Olymp Trade in India?


Due to the impressive trading prospects of the Forex market, many people are actively investing their money in the exchange market assets. Although it is rather a profitable business, far from everyone can raise their capital. Novice traders need to know the basics of Forex trading to succeed and become successful exchange processes participants. Theoretical training of a trader is an extensive area of ​​knowledge, which should cover the key principles and mechanisms of market functioning: trading strategies, indicators, and charts, as well as risk management and capital management tactics.

Forex Market Advantages

Forex employs large and small investors as well as all types of organizations that carry out operations with currency. A broker provides interaction between a trader and other market participants. Intermediary services include execution of orders, provision of a reliable trading terminal, search for buyers interested in the assets of a client. Trading through a broker allows the trader to participate in large lots using the leverage provided by the intermediary.

To get the maximum out of trading on Forex, it is necessary to find a professional trading platform that provides not only trading assets but also brokerage service. Once you choose the one, open the login page, and create an account. As a result, you can avail of the following Forex market advantages:

  • high liquidity and lots of trading operations;
  • high-end technical and informational equipment;
  • around-the-clock access to the market;
  • easy trading procedure;
  • the absence of any deposit/trading restrictions.

To work on the exchange, you need to understand what an ask and a bid (buy and sell prices) are, how the netting between a trader and a broker is carried out, as well as when you need to enter and exit the market. Besides, a trader must have to keep track of recent news and financial information, understand the order types (stop, market, pending), be able to work with indicators, signals, and understand trend charts by bars and candles. Deep theoretical training of a trader helps to navigate the principles of stock trading and learn how to make profitable deals.

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Risk management is another key point for novice investors. It is necessary to choose the correct lot sizes and the size of the starting capital based on the forecast. A trader must know how to cut losses and build a trading plan correctly. There are several methods of risk management that every trader should successfully work with:

  • Avoiding risks — this refers to the rejection of a losing deal in advance and cooperation only with a reliable broker;
  • Identification and record of risks — used only if the risks can be clearly identified or foreseen. Here you need to pay special attention to such moments and never let them happen in the future;
  • Diversification of risks — this can be identified as a distribution of risk indicators in several directions. It is a good method that is often used by traders. They open several trades in such a way that in case of a loss, they can recoup it in the next successful trade;
  • Risk compensation — it is a difficult operation that requires good preparation. The investor needs mechanisms to prevent danger. For a beginner, this implies a constant gain of knowledge, the ability to understand various situations and find non-standard solutions to problems.

To get your hand trained at making Forex trading deals, we recommend that you start with a demo trading account. Make basic operations for free without risking your money.