How to tame animals in Valheim: Wild boars, wolves and more. Complete guide


Wild animals are everywhere in this Viking world, and there is the possibility of taking advantage of them in multiple ways. One of them is the option of domar animals in Valheim, which we are going to explain step by step so that you can use it in your games.

How to tame animals in Valheim step by step

To domar animals in Valheim you are going to have to follow a different protocol with each type of species, so we are going to explain in a simple way how to do it with each of them.

How to tame a wild boar in Valheim

They are one of the first animals that you will run into in the adventure, so you have to know how to tame a wild boar in Valheim easily. They are usually located in the grassland biome and are generally singly or in small groups.

In order to tame a wild boar in Valheim you will have to build a small enclosure (take a look at our comprehensive building guide if necessary) and lure it inside with some food. Wild boars like to eat berries (raspberries and blueberries), mushrooms, and carrots. Berries and mushrooms abound in the meadows, so it’s easy to stock up.

If you are lucky, you may come across a broken enclosure that will have wild boars roaming around it. You can repair it and finish building it, or make your own enclosure by building a corral with a fence.

Make sure to leave a small opening in the fence and leave some food in it. Lure the wild boar into the pen and quickly exit the enclosure while closing the open space trying to keep the animal inside.

Wait patiently for the boar to calm down and after a few moments it will begin to eat the food that you prepared. Once you see yellow hearts on his head you will know that the boar is happy and the taming process will begin.

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You can check the progress of the dressage by hovering the mouse over the boar. You will see a percentage indicating it in addition to its current status. If it indicates that it is acclimating, it means that it is adjusting to its new environment.

Leave the boar alone and make sure it has enough food. He will end up sleeping and once he is fully tamed you can safely enter the pen to spend time with your new friend. You can even caress it.

If you are able to do it with two or more wild boars, they may start to mate. This will allow you to have offspring and you can (if you want, of course) take advantage of this farm to obtain leather.

How to tame a wolf in Valheim

Tame a wolf in Valheim it will be more complicated than doing it with wild boars. They are ferocious creatures found in the mountainous biome and not only will you need the right gear or mead to protect yourself from the cold, but you will also need to be able to defend yourself if you are looking to tame these beasts.

Once you have spotted the wolf you would like to befriend, you will need to build a temporary pen for him. Try to do it without being seen as the wolves will immediately start attacking you if they do. These animals are extremely fast and strong, so a simple Viking will not be very difficult for them.

We recommend building this enclosure with Stakewall, as it is more durable than normal fence. Once the wolves are locked in, they will start attacking the walls in a fury, so you need something that can withstand their onslaught. Leave an opening, as you will have to get the wolf in before closing it.

Then lure a wolf to this pen. Take some raw meat and dump some into the enclosure. Find the closest wolf and get his attention as you lead him inside, or you can create a small trail of raw meat that ends up leading him to the destination.

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Once the wolf is inside, close the pen and back off. Wolves are easily scared and will attack walls, as we discussed earlier. Duck when you’re around so you’ll be harder to spot and less angry.

After a while, the wolf will calm down and start eating the raw meat. You will see little yellow hearts floating above her head, indicating that she is happy.

Tame a wolf in Valheim takes time, and you will need to refill the corral with raw meat periodically. Make sure to repair the walls as they will be damaged by the animal’s attacks. And the last thing we want is for it to escape in the middle of the domestication process.

An easy way to do this is to build a small platform on a set of stairs, allowing you to dump meat and easily control your new friend. You can see the progress of the dressage (indicated with a percentage) by hovering over the wolf.

Once the dressage reaches 100% you will have your new furry friend. You need to feed him regularly to keep him happy.

You can also pet it, which will make it start to follow you and will help you in battles with enemies. But be sure to protect it, because it can die.

If you can tame two or more wolves in Valheim, they may start to mate.

How to tame a Lox in Valheim

It is also possible domar un Lox en Valheim, the largest animal you will find in the plains biome. It will be a challenge to get it, yes, so be careful.

There are two methods to be able to tame a Lox in Valheim. First, you can sneak up on him and toss him some barley or blackberries, which is his preferred type of food.

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You can get up close and surprise the Lox without alerting him to your presence, but if he freaks out, he will run. These beasts can finish you off in one fell swoop if you’re not prepared.

After a while, the Lox will begin to eat the food that you have thrown at it and little by little the taming process will advance. Little yellow hearts will start to come out of the animal’s head, letting you know that it is happy. You must constantly resupply the animal with food until it reaches 100%.

This process can take several days in the game, so be patient. You can check the taming status of the Lox by hovering over it. When it is at its maximum you can stroke it without fear of being crushed.

Alternatively, you can create an enclosure for the Lox, just like with the boar and wolf, though keep in mind that they are more powerful. Build it with stone, because any other material will not serve to hold it. Make sure to leave an opening until the beast enters and then exits by closing it behind you.

Throw barley or blackberries into the corral and wait for the taming to complete.

Once you’ve tamed the Lox, close the pen and make sure he always has enough food inside to keep him happy.

Once the dressage has reached its maximum, enter the corral and you can pet it.

These are the only animals that cannot reproduce, yes.

We hope that our guide to taming animals in Valheim has been useful. Remember that here we have another complete construction guide in Valheim, with which you will learn how to build your house and all kinds of constructions.