how to upgrade weapons to the maximum


What would Kratos be without his weapons? I’d probably still kick ass, but it’s a lot easier for us to beat God of War if we have them maxed out. In this game, the God of War carries not only the Swords of Chaos but also the Ax of Leviathan, so we have to get the materials to power up both.

Since the improvement system is not as simple as leveling up, in the following guide we leave you all the steps to achieve raise your weapons to the maximum without too much effort. Do not miss it!

How to upgrade weapons to the maximum in God of War

Leviathan Ax

To fully upgrade this weapon, we need to get the material.”Ice Flame”. This material is obtained every time we defeat a boss. The maximum level of the fact is 6 and the first rise is made when we find Brok’s shop for the first time. However, when we finish the story, the fact will only have been raised to level 5, this is so, because the last level is in the store. We will have to change the icy mists by the Frozen Flame.

god of war upgrade weapons

Chaos Swords

To improve the Swords of Chaos we have to do the same, but with the Flames of Chaos. These are achieved by also defeating the bosses, except the last one that is achieved with the object raging hell the Muspelheim changing it at the store.

God Of War mejorar armas

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