How will Google Pay be charged for money transactions? Learn what Google said


new Delhi: In India, Google Pay is not going to charge any kind of money transfer from its consumers. On Wednesday, Google India said in this regard that it is only for the US to charge fees on money transfers. This rule will not apply in India. After Google India, it is now clear that no fee will be charged by the company for doing transactions with Google Pay. Also Read – Yogi Adityanath made 1,311 crore online transfer of pension, these beneficiaries will get benefits

Let me tell you that there were reports on social media for the last few days that after 2021, Google Pay is going to discontinue the peer-to-peer service and bring an instant money transfer payment system (IMPS). Consumers will be charged a fee for availing this facility. But now it is clear that nothing like this will be done. Also Read – To transfer money or to book tickets, there are many facilities in these government apps, know some other specialties

Let us know that in January 2021, the original Google Pay app will stop working in the US and if you want to send money from Google Pay, then you have to install the new Google Pay app. In this, Google will also charge a fee for money transactions. Google said that in the US, a fee of 1.5 percent or $ 0.31 is charged for using debit cards and transferring money. In such a situation, Google is now preparing to collect fees through instant money transfer. Also Read – These government apps are equipped with features like money transfer, ticket booking, women safety, know what else are their specialties


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