How Wonder Woman’s Costume Was Changed For 1984


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Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984

Like fellow DC Comics heroes Batman and Superman, whereas Wonder Lady has worn a wide range of costumes over the many years, her basic look is fairly iconic. As such, Gal Gadot’s Diana appropriately wears a similar-looking costume within the DC Prolonged Universe, thought there have been some tweaks made to the outfit for the upcoming Wonder Lady 1984.

Right here’s what costume designer Lindy Hemming just lately needed to say about how Diana’s Wonder Lady costume differs from what she’s sporting in motion throughout Wonder Lady 1984:

After we did a swimsuit for Wonder Lady, the primary Wonder Lady, we made it barely a special shade, however we additionally modified numerous the type strains as a result of Patty [Jenkins] needed to. And so we did, and naturally there have been a number of variations of the swimsuit that needed to be designed as properly as a result of in Michael Wilkinson’s swimsuit with Zack [Snyder], many of the work was studio work and she or he did not actually should carry out fairly as a lot as she did in Wonder Lady one. So, clearly then we tailored lots of issues for Wonder Lady one, however by Wonder Lady two, Patty needed in the identical temper because the ’80s temper of the movie. She needed the swimsuit to have rather more depth of redness and goldness. So we have put in actually numerous luscious, virtually candy, you are feeling prefer it’s actually scrumptious type of a depth of shade to it for the 1984.

Relating to a superhero who seems in a number of motion pictures, making modifications to their costume usually comes with the territory; simply have a look at all of Captain America’s duds within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Within the case of Wonder Lady 1984, as Lindy Hemming knowledgeable, director Patty Jenkins needed the costume’s colours to be extra vibrant in comparison with how they seemed in Wonder Lady.

That is smart from a tonal perspective. Wonder Lady was set on the tail finish of World Conflict I, so whereas Diana served a beacon of hope for almost all of the film, she was nonetheless within the midst of a bleak and horrific battle, so the muted colours have been becoming. For Wonder Lady 1984, the ‘80s have been a flashy decade, so it is smart why extra depth of shade can be referred to as for; although now I’m curious why she reverted again to the muted colours by the point the occasions of Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice rolled round.


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It’s additionally value remembering that Gal Gadot’s Diana gained’t simply be sporting her conventional costume in Wonder Lady 1984. Sooner or later, she’ll additionally don the Golden Eagle swimsuit, although no particular particulars have been revealed but for why she breaks out the shiny armor.

What we do learn about Wonder Lady 1984 is that Diana Prince, who’s been residing amongst humanity roughly 66 years at this level, will conflict with two very totally different, but related opponents: Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Ann Minerva, who will rework into The Cheetah, and Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord, a TV informercial mogul who obtains a mysterious supply of magic. The sequel may also see Diana reuniting with Chris Pine’s somehow-still-alive Steve Trevor, in addition to flash again to her childhood on Themyscira.

Wonder Lady 1984 is slated for October 2, although we right here at CinemaBlend will clearly let you already know if the sequel will get delayed once more. Be sure you look by means of our DC motion pictures information to be taught what else this nook of the superhero film market has coming down the pipeline.

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