Hulk Hogan Says He’s Getting Married To A Yoga Teacher


Hulk Hogan Says He’s Getting Married To A Yoga Teacher:

The former pro wrestler, who is now 69, told his girlfriend, yoga teacher Sky Daily, 45, over the weekend that he proposes to her the previous week during a restaurant within Tampa, Florida.

In a film Daily shared to Instagram, Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, was telling Daily’s friends at a wedding gathering how he and Daily met. Hogan was born Terry Bollea.

Hogan sent a drink to the group of women Daily was with, and when one of them came up to express his gratitude him, he joked, “Who’s the blond?”

The “Hulkster” confirmed the story and said that he proposed to Daily last week at a restaurant within Tampa, Florida. The previous WWE Champion was said to have been “very nervous,” the outlet said.

Hogan And Claridge Were Take Divorce In 2007 And That Timer They Have Two Children:

Hogan has been married twice before. He was first married to Linda Claridge followed by to Jennifer McDaniel. Hogan as well as Claridge were wed from 1983 to 2007, and during that time they had two children, Brooke and Nick.

All of them were on Hogan Knows Best, a reality show that ran upon VH1 from 2005 to 2007. After getting divorced from Claridge in 2008, Hogan started dating McDaniel. They were wed within 2010, and they split up at the beginning of 2022.

Just After Taking Divorce To McDaniel He Is Dating Daily:

Soon after, Hogan started dating Daily. According to TMZ, they are hoping to have a big mixed family because Daily already has three kids from a previous relationship.

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“I begged Sky to marry me, but she had been crazy enough to respond with yes, brother,” Hogan stated within a video that was posted on Instagram but has since been taken down.

The yoga teacher Daily has been seeing Hogan, who’s real name was Terry Bollea, for more than a year.

Over the weekend, the couple went to the wedding of their friends Corin Nemec as well as Sabrina Nova. During his speech, Hogan told the crowd about his own news.

The wrestler told the people at the wedding that he met Daily when he bought her a drink when she was hanging out with Nova one night. He was wearing a black bandana and a matching suit jacket, and his trademark blonde handlebar mustache was on full show.

He said that Nova later ran out to Hogan’s car as he was leaving as well as banged on the window to tell him he should go on another date with Daily. Hogan and Daily sat in the first row, directly in front of the bride, at the wedding last weekend.

Hogan claimed TMZ that Daily has her own three kids and that he got along wonderful with all of them right away. Three weeks earlier, Hogan posted a picture of himself as well as Daily at the beach with the caption, “It always appears absolutely perfect, like she’s always been here.”

Hogan Won WCW Championship For 6 Time:

Hogan had been a six-time WCW world champion, and when he turned bad and the now was formed, it helped WCW beat WWE within the ratings for 83 straight weeks.

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Hogan has stopped wrestling in the ring for good, yet he still makes occasional TV visits for WWE and acts as an advocate.

Hogan Quit Drinking Drinking In Order To Maintain His Present Relationship Going:

Hogan recently said that he has stopped drinking to keep his present relationship going. “Everything bad that occurred to me was because of alcohol,” he said on Theo Von’s show “This Past Weekend” not too long ago.

Hogan was wed to Linda Hogan from 1983 to 2009. They have two children together, Brooke and Nick. He got married to Jennifer McDaniel within 2010, but they broke up in 2021, after being together for 11 years.

Linda Stated Within Statement That Hogan Hurt Her Physically:

Linda Hogan wrote “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes,” her memoirs, in 2011. In it, she said that the 12-time world champion hurt her physically. The star of WrestleMania rejected the claims as well as sued Linda for making them.

“There was a lot of drinking during those marriages,” Hogan told Von. “Drinking was the cause of a lot of big problems.” “But when I met Sky, I started to feel different. I’d dig and make a mess. I lost something I wasn’t about to lose once more all of a sudden. So I said, I’ve finished drinking.”