“Hulk” Salazar did die burned in his car, confirmed the Prosecutor’s Office

Antony died "Hulk"  Salazar, former Chivas player (Photo: Twitter/@kirschner1)
Antonio “Hulk” Salazar, former Chivas player, died (Photo: Twitter/@kirschner1)

Last Tuesday, May 10, the discovery of a burned body in the municipality of Tonalá, Jalisco, identified in the first instance as Antonio Salazar Castillo 33 years old, popularly known as the Hulk Salazarformer soccer player for Chivas, Jaguares de Chiapas and Zacatepec, among others.

The event would have occurred during the night of Sunday, May 8, but it was not until two days after the investigations began by the Jalisco authorities upon noticing the presence of human remainswho dedicated themselves to officially identifying the body through a corresponding autopsy and genetic evaluation.

Finally this Thursday, May 12, the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the body in a charred state, which had been found in the trunk of a private vehicle, does correspond to that of Anthony Salazarso this Friday they appeared before the media to speak briefly about the investigation.

“Hulk” Salazar did burn to death in his car, Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office confirmed (Photo: Twitter/@FiscaliaJal)

According to Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF), there is a 99.9% chance that the burned body corresponds to that of Hulk Salazar, sufficient number to confirm the person and continue with the corresponding investigations.

On May 9, relatives of Salazar Castillo went to the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office to try to identify the body; however, due to the state in which the body had been found, they could not confirm its identity 100%, so genetic tests were requested.

At a press conference led by Prosecutor Luis Joaquin Mendez Ruiz this Friday, it was reported that the first advances in the investigation go hand in hand with the car in which he was found on firecorresponding to a Chevrolet Cavalier blanco 2018 model, in addition to the people with whom he had direct contact.

The father of Anthony Salazar He stated that he did not have much contact with his son, so he was unaware of most of the questions related to the case, mainly because he did not live in the city. Similarly, one of his brothers has collaborated with the authorities to continue the investigation.

Photo: TW @LeoDeantes
Photo: TW @LeoDeantes

The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office still no confirmed suspects; however, they reported that there is already some progress in this regard and that the respective discoveries involving Hulk Salazarwho was recently working in activities related to transportation, reported the Prosecutor’s Office.

The finding was made thanks to the report of residents of the Colinas Universidad subdivision in Tonalá, who notified the authorities of the fire in the vehicle in question, so the municipal firefighters came to put out the fire.

It was Antonio’s father who confirmed that the car was owned by Salazar Castillo and that it had even been reported stolen that same day, since his family had also reported the disappearance of the former professional player.

(Photo: Twitter/@Chivas)
(Photo: Twitter/@Chivas)

The Guadalajara Sports Club He immediately sent condolences to his family, as he wrote through his social networks: “We deeply regret the sensitive loss of Antonio ‘Hulk’ Salazarwho emerged from our quarry and debuted with the Flock in 2007. We send our condolences to family and friends”.

The native of Tamaulipas debuted with the Jalisco team against América in the Clausura 2007. He consolidated himself in the first team during 2008, but he did not end up establishing himself in the team, which is why he emigrated in 2010 to the Chiapas Jaguarsthen return to Herd between 2011 and 2012.


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