Hyper-realistic graphics and horror atmosphere are the keys to ILL’s new in-game trailer


Indie studio Team Clout’s survival horror is being developed on Unreal Engine 5.

About a year ago, the small independent studio Clout Games, presented what was then a game project that we knew as ILL. The team showed several videos that recreated gameplays of what the game would look like, animated with Unreal Engine 4. Although the game was not yet in development phase when the trailers were shown, it gave us an idea of how would the game be that they sought to carry out.

The study launched a Patreon campaign to finance the game and finally, almost a year later, we were able to have a first look at a video, this time yes, in-game and the result is frankly surprising. As PC Gamer has pointed out, the studio, renamed Team Clout, has worked on Unreal Engine 5, something that can be seen in the lighting, textures and how different materials reflect light.

Hyper-realistic graphics and horror atmosphere are the keys to ILL's new in-game trailer

Unlike the concept trailers, this new video does not show any action, focusing on its atmosphere, with a detailed environment where our character communicates through a radio, with a style reminiscent of a classic horror movie. Some movements, such as those of the weapon in the hands of our character, reflect some neat animations and a very realistic weight feel.

The study had shown several concept videosFinish outlining the trailer a impeccable ambient sound by the electronic music artist Lorn. Team Clout is a Canadian studio that previously made games for mobile devices under the name Woof Games, after reforming the team, they moved to a new office where they started with your new project, ILL.

Still there is no estimated release date, although the team has remained active, sharing information in their social networks, where we have been able to see some of your conceptual designs for enemies who will terrorize us. The horror genre does not lose steam, with numerous titles yet to come, including proposals such as the new game from the creator of Silent Hill.

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