I am enjoying Disney Dreamlight Valley very much but it leaves me with a doubt about its future


I did not expect at all that Disney Dreamlight Valley would manage to absorb me in this way, wishing to return to my village of dreams and fantasies every day with the fantastic Disney characters, continuing with my small farm, fulfilling the wishes of my friends and discovering what is Oblivion and what has happened in this curious world.

Just yesterday, October 19, the new Disney Dreamlight Valley update arrived, which is actually the first major patch of the game with tangible content since its launch in Early Access. It is a good example of what we are going to find in the game from now on: a solid base to which new layers will be added in the form of characters and activities to be carried out little by littlethrough these constant content updates.

Due to its Early Access nature, which is made evident by its questionable performance (although it has improved a lot with this new patch, it has to be said) and its huge bugs (I don’t think I’ve yet found anyone who hasn’t had their progress affected by some problem in these last weeks), it is understood that Gameloft is still finding its niche. But I am telling you this after having spent a lot of hours in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, without having completed all the available content for now and without having yet scratched the surface of what the arrival of Scar proposes, the new Halloween event and additional tasks added this week.

As a base game, Disney Dreamlight Valley justifies its price today, especially if you’re a lover of farm games or Animal Crossing-style titles, where you have a small virtual refuge with friends taken directly from the Disney universe. However, it is his general concept and his way of approaching activities which makes me have a single doubt with the future of the game.

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Can this hold up for regular Disney Dreamlight Valley players?

I haven’t been able to play Disney Dreamlight Valley as much as I would have liked in recent weeks, but I have thought all the time about that type of player (increasingly common) who embraces a game and squeezes it to the last consequences, living in this “perpetual experience” that more and more titles propose. Nevertheless, I don’t find that the work really offers anything that justifies coming back every day once you’ve completed its main tasks to continue enjoying your proposal unless you are the one who finds new secondary goals or you want, for example, to buy absolutely all the furniture or clothes that are in the store, or customize the entire island to your liking.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is based, above all, on the Disney characters that populate your island little by little and that, increasing their friendship levels (as if they were small individual Battle Passes), are granting you different rewards and unlocking new ones. activities. The problem is that once all these tasks are completed and all your friends are at level 10, there’s not much to do.

I myself, who still have a few friends to max out, am surprised when I completely ignore the characters who have nothing more to offer me. Meeting Mickey in Moana on the island is not an interesting event nor is it fun to chat with them, since the number of dialogues is very limited and it only serves to waste time. They only serve to accompany you to collect, fish, chop or carry out the activity that you have assigned to them so that they give you additional resources. I imagine when I have all my characters at maximum level, when I also have the newly incorporated Scar… and what will I have left to do?

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I am a big supporter of the temporary proposal that Animal Crossing offers. Make the player want to enter a game world once a day, even if it’s just for a while (because you have to wait until the next day to continue with your duties), is more interesting in this type of proposal than favoring the insane flaws for a few hours in a row and abandon the work until the next patch. And, for now, Disney Dreamlight Valley seems to be leaning on the latter.

The arrival of this new update with Scar looks great for players like me who haven’t completed the base activities yet. But, when I have them completed and I have also done everything related to Scar… Will I have to wait for another character to be patched in, do all their activities in a few hours, and then leave the game again for weeks? That is the doubt that a proposal like Disney Dreamlight Valley leaves me, which should embrace its concept of perpetuity and hopefully Gameloft is aware of this to offer more incentives that make the game interesting even if there are no main tasks to perform.

Of course, this is still a personal perception and I am sure that many Disney Dreamlight Valley players who have already completed all of its content continue to enjoy obtaining more resources, planting pumpkins to earn money to spend every day in the store, building new items with which to customize your island or giving gifts to your neighbors despite having them at the maximum level, but you have to do a lot of your part.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has a fantastic foundation, a development team that seems very committed to the future of the game, and a Disney world that has so many ways to take advantage of it. But, right now, if everything stays the same, There will be many players who leave this magical world when there is nothing left to do and they know that they have to wait weeks or months to have new content.

Maybe it’s about one of those cases where waiting is smarter. I imagine the player who comes to their village for the first time with the huge amount of activities to do after several patches and I feel that they will be happier than the player who is trying bite by bite what the experience offers at the moment.