I Am Groot Is Coming Back To Disney+ For A Second Season


I Am Groot Is Coming Back To Disney+ For A Second Season:

Baby Groot’s days aren’t over yet! Marvel Studios has put out a new video for Season 2 of “I Am Groot,” and it’s all cute and naughty.

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Groot was a jock, but in the animation short, we see him as the character we love best as he travels through the universe.

Marvel Bring A Good News For Us, I Am Groot Season 2 Is Coming Within September:

I Am Groot, a series of shorts from Guardians of the Galaxy that stars our favorite Flora Colossus, will be back for a second season upon Disney+ upon September 6, 2023.

In the second season of “I Am Groot,” there will be five shorts that show him “exploring the universe as well as beyond on the Guardians’ spaceships and coming face-to-face with exciting and colorful creatures as well as environments.”

In the video for the second season of I Am Groot, we get a sneak peek at some of Groot’s new adventures. These include a run-in with a rocket that looks like an ice cream truck, a close call involving the Watcher from Marvel’s What If…?, Groot making hot cocoa, Groot getting a nose, as well as more.

Voice Cast For I Am Groot Season 2:

Groot’s voice will be done again by Vin Diesel, as well as Kristen Lepore will write and direct again. In our review of the first season of I Am Groot, we called it “dumb and sneaky, owned its non-essential existence as well as playing up Baby Groot’s own impulsive, unruly behavior.”

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Disney also shared an ad for the new season of I Am Groot. It shows a baby bird perched on a Groot that looks upset.

Groot’s voice is, of course, still done by Vin Diesel. Kirsten Lepore is also back to write as well as direct the new shows. Craig Rittenbaum as well as Alex Scharf are in charge of making the show.

Recently Movie Director James Gunn Talked Regarding A Fan Idea About What Groot Says At The End Of The Third Movie:

The director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, James Gunn, recently joined in. He talked about a fan idea about what Groot says at the conclusion of the third movie. The only thing the character says is “I am Groot” repeatedly throughout the movie.

Even though Groot only ever says the exact same three words, his fellow Guardians consistently are able to understand what he is saying, while most of the audience was left in the dark.

But as Vol. 3 came to a close, Groot told his friends, “I love you, guys,” and then the group split up.

After Change Within Groot’s Normal Speech Shows That People No Longer Require A Groot To English Interpreter:

After the movie came out, Gunn said that the change in Groot’s normal speech shows that people no longer require a Groot-to-English interpreter because they have gotten familiar with the characters so well.

“Yes, that’s precisely what it implies,” Gunn said on Twitter in response to a fan’s question about the sweet idea.

What’s Season 2 Of “I Am Groot” About?

With five new cartoon shows, the forthcoming season will send fans upon a new trip across the world. Like the last season, the next one will have a small number of short episodes and be different from the movies because the pace and tone will be slower.

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The last season showed us how dangerous our favorite Flora giant could be. The new season will add to his adventures. Even though the story of the series is a secret, fans can expect Groot’s new journey to be full of chaos and trouble as he makes new friends along the way.

In keeping with the last season, the new animation shorts have a loose connection to the bigger MCU, giving the show a new twist. Groot is one of the most loved MCU characters because he has a full story arc that these short stories add to and expand on.

I Am Groot Season Two Trailer:

In the new video, Groot is seen across various regions of the galaxy, such as an icy planet and a world with old temples and traps that look like they belong to Indian Jones.

In another angle, we observe Groot running through a bush while making friends alongside a bird. And in another joke, he has a real person’s nose.

Within Trailer We Can See That Groot Get A Bird Companion:

We can laugh out loud a lot when we watch the video. When you blink, you’ll miss it The Watcher additionally observes that Groot is going on a journey.

On the image, Groot looks annoyed as his freshly acquired bird friend builds a nest upon his head and sings with happiness. On September 6, Disney+ will add five new shows to Season 2 of “I Am Groot.” You can watch the video at the link below.