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“I have a personal revenge”: Joao Maleck spoke about his arrival at Deportivo Cafessa after being in prison

(Foto: Twitter/LosPlayers)
(Foto: Twitter/LosPlayers)

After passing more than a year in prison and pay a bond of three million pesos for the death of a newly married couple in a car crash in June 2019, Joao Maleck received a second chance at football and will now be able to play in the Deportivo Cafessa, team of the Premier League (second division) of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The 21-year-old forward broke the silence this Friday and spoke for the channel TUDN on promise what did he do to the relatives of the victims, who had two young children.

I promised them that I would support them financially, because they depended on their father’s income and little or a lot, I promised to help them and told them that by working as a bricklayer I would help them

Maleck assured that during his stay in prison that it never crossed his mind to leave the courtsWell, he had the opportunity to train and his dream since he was a child is to be a football star.

(Foto: Twitter/MarcoCancino)
(Foto: Twitter/MarcoCancino)

It might be easier to get away from the spotlight, but since I was a child I had a dream and I have a personal commitment […] I have a personal revenge, helping many people, two children and the relatives of the accident I had and I have to move forward, for myself and my family

Although the fatal accident occurred when the player was driving a Mustang to speeding and after leaving a nightclub where drank alcoholic beverages, argued that the impact was due to a distraction.

I know it was my responsibility, I even accept that it was a mistake on my part, it was very hard but it could have happened to anyone, it could have been my turn to be on the other side […] & nbsp; I never neglected the other party. The first thing I did when I got out (of the car) and asked how they were, obviously

For its part, Hector Reynoso, vice president of Deportivo Cafessa, confessed in an interview to ESPN that the help of Pavel Pardo, a former América figure, was key for Joao to reach the Premier League team.

The negotiation was via Pavel Pardo, but we also had talks with Santos Laguna (his former team). I think they had all the willingness for Joao to reactivate in his career and we are a team that can help him. The contract we have is for six months and hopefully we can meet the goal, that Joao develops well both on and off the field . It is not optional, you have to do it like this

In this sense, Reynoso commented that Maleck’s contract does not contemplate any clause that involves the legal situation of the player, in addition it will always be a priority that he fulfills his responsibility before the authorities.

The approach of Pavel Pardo with his professionalism and the demand that he will have day by day with Joao directly, has not been necessary. All contracts have certain clauses where if you fail something there may be a penalty. But here there was no need for that

However, he pointed out that the former Porto and Sevilla player complies with the legal obligations that the authority set after the legal process he faced.


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