“I slept 15 hours a night”: Dibu Martínez’s confession about his return to England after winning the World Cup in Qatar

The revelation of Emiliano Martínez in England

The return of Emiliano Martinez to the Premier League it was with ups and downs as goalkeeper of the Aston Villa. He started as a substitute for the Swedish Robin Olsen for his few days of training, he regained ownership based on good performances that convinced the coach Unai Emery and again he was at the center of criticism for his match against Arsenal where he scored a goal against and went to look for a corner in the last play that angered the coach. Far from giving in to the mentality that characterizes him so much, he reviewed his stay in the villains.

“No, I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t drink sodas. I went back to Britain and was sleeping 14-15 hours a night. Wow, I only needed 7-8 hours of sleep. There I saw how much adrenaline… what it cost me to return. As I said before, I love this club, I wanted to be here as soon as possible. I had to enjoy my country but since I arrived I have been very focused on the club that gave me everything. I am grateful to be here, ”he reflected in a chat with Sky Sports facing the clash against Everton next Saturday February 26th.

In addition, he reflected on what it cost him to get to the position where he is currently and that his main goal has already been achieved: “At various times I thought I wasn’t good enough. and that I was not going to be the goalkeeper that I always dreamed of being. I always had the talent from a very young age and came to one of the biggest clubs in England. To have a successful career and to be number 1 in Argentina, that was my goal. I never dreamed of winning the World Cup or the Champions League”.

Emiliano seeks to turn the page for his performance with Arsenal where they scored four goals for him (Photo: Reuters)
Emiliano seeks to turn the page for his performance with Arsenal where they scored four goals for him (Photo: Reuters)

World Champion in Qatar with the Albiceleste At 30 years old and head of one of the most iconic teams in the Premier League, they are part of the legacy that accompany the man from Mar del Plata on a day-to-day basis. “I did it, I played with the best in history. The only one who completed football because I think nobody did what Messi did. I had bumps and problems along the way but I was able to overcome them. Today I am the goalkeeper I always wanted to be”He concluded with a smile on his face.

On Monday, February 27, the FIFA will deliver the prizes The Best in Paris to the best talents of the year and Emiliano Martínez is a finalist for the award for the best goalkeeper. He will compete against the Moroccan Yassine Bono and the Belgian Thibaut Courtois but the bookmakers have at Back as favorite to stay with the first place. In addition, they are also ternados Lionel Messi, Julian Alvarez y Lionel Scaloni in other categories.

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