If private trains arrive late or early, operator company will have to pay heavy fine, such strict conditions are there


new Delhi: Railways have issued a draft guidelines for private operators to run trains and to improve their performance, according to which, if the trains operated by them run late or reach the destination prematurely then Fines will have to be paid. These conditions have been kept in the draft released on Wednesday. These are the conditions Also Read – Railways prepared draft for private trains, to be equipped with these features- In case of delay …

– Private train operators must observe up to 95 percent of the time in a year
– The operators will be fined for giving incorrect information about the revenue received or for not giving the correct information about the cancellation of the train. Also Read – 23 companies, including Bombardier, attended the railway meeting to run private trains, these will be the specialty of trains

– If the train is delayed more than 15 minutes to reach the destination, then it will be considered a failure to follow the time Also Read – Railways suspended all regular passenger services indefinitely, only special trains will run

– In such a case, the private operator will have to pay an additional transportation fee of 200 km per one percent reduction in timeliness in comparison to punctuality.

– Railways said that the freight charges will be Rs 512 per km, this is the fee that the private operator will pay in return for using the railway infrastructure.

– If a private train reaches the destination at least 10 minutes in advance, the operator will have to pay a penalty of 10 km as a penalty to the railway.

– Railway officials said that this step is so that private trains follow the time
– It is also said in the terms of the railway that if the train does not reach the destination on time due to railway, then the railway will pay its amount

– It has also been said that in the event of cancellation of railway service on behalf of the operator, he will pay a quarter of the freight to the railway for that train as compensation
– At the same time, if the rail service is canceled by the railway, then the railway operator will pay the same fee.

No one will be fined under these conditions
Do not pay damages to anyone if due to bad weather, cattle coming under the train, a man coming under the train, law and order, public demonstration, criminal activity, accident, the punctuality of a train is affected Will happen.


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