If you are a fan of Monkey Island, this is your perfect book: the story behind the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood


The work arrives localized to Castilian with curiosities and anecdotes about the development of the titles.

Monkey Island Special Edition Collection

It is well known that video games had a golden age thanks to the graphic adventures. Within this genre we can cite some renowned installments, but this time we focus on the iconic Monkey Island. Because, although more than 30 years Since the launch of the first game, which we still remember today because of the difficulty of its puzzles, many aspects of its development still remain to be known. Some data that are revealed in the book ‘Monkey Island Mysteries‘.

The book will be available next March 10French author Nicolas deneschau published this book in France, but now it is localized to Spanish thanks to the publisher Game Press. Here, some of the most interesting curiosities and anecdotes around the franchise titles are unraveled, something that is expanded with the statements of key figures in the saga such as Ron Gilbert, Brian Moriarty, Tim Schafer The Dave Grossman.

Monkey Island Special Edition Collection Image

In addition, the book will also explain everything that has happened around Monkey Island, so you can expect a story about the rise and fall of a company as famous as it was. LucasArts at the time. In addition, this work also has a prologue written by Larry Ahern, co-director of The Curse of Monkey Island and entertainer in Monkey Island 2.

‘The Mysteries of Monkey Island’ will be available in bookstores from March 10th, but it can already be booked through the Game Press website. If your goal is to expand your library related to videogames, you can always check the books we recommend at 3DJuegos. And if this is not enough, remember that this house is collaborating with great content creators, which has resulted in ‘Warzone: The Secrets of Soki’ and ‘The world of roleplay with Perxitaa’.

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