If you dream of a Dragon Age Origins remaster, this PC mod makes it come true


BioWare’s RPG continues to be one of the great references of the genre after more than a decade since its launch.

Dragon Age: Origins

BioWare is not going through its best moments, but the RPG fans They do not forget the great titles of the studio, among which are Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or the legendary Mass Effect trilogy. But the game that arrived in 2009 to inherit the tradition of medieval fantasy from the company would be Dragon Age: Origins.

An essential game for fans of the RPG occidental that claimed the most classic and traditional style of the genre with some charismatic heroes and a kingdom full of challenges. The passing of the years has made a dent in a technical section that was not presented as the most cutting-edge of its time, which is why the study has flirted on occasion with the possibility of remaking Dragon Age Origins.

But wishes are not always fulfilled and Dragon Age Origins still looks like it did in 2009. This has prompted the modder Dalishious to develop a complete mod which makes the BioWare title look a little less dated, while maintaining its style. As shared by DSOG, the Dalishious improved the game’s textures through AI techniques.

At graphic improvements, adds some presets and options in character creation. We also found ‘headmorphs’ for most of the NPCs, more vibrant colors for hair, skin and eyes and some changes in the scenes with a more cinematic look. If you want to download the mod of this ‘Dragon Age Origins Unoffical Remaster’you have it available at Nexusmods, and if you haven’t played BioWare’s fantastic role-playing title in its day, remember that at 3DJuegos you can read our analysis of Dragon Age Origins.

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